Novation LaunchKey Offers 50+ Hardware Controls, iPad Integration


2013 NAMM Show: Novation today introduced a new line of MIDI controllers, Launchkey, that offers 50+ physical controls, including 16 velocity-sensitive multi-color trigger-pads for launching clips and scenes in Ableton Live. The Novation LaunchKey line offers 25, 49 and 61 note keyboard controllers.

In addition the keyboard and DAW controls, Launchkey is ‘an integrated software/hardware instrument’. The control surface has been designed to work tightly alongside two intuitive apps for iPad: the Launchkey and Launchpad apps – plus V-Station & Bass Station synth plug-ins for Mac and Windows.



  • Launchkey comes with a brand new Launchkey app and Launchpad apps for iPad and the powerful Novation V-Station and Bass Station synth plug-ins for Mac and PC
  • Novation DAW control with Launchkey – ‘InControl’ technology connects hardware controls directly to all major DAWs. Quick, hands-on control of your mixer, transport and more in Ableton, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Reason, Cubase and Logic
  • Launchkey launch pads – 16 velocity-sensitive multi-colour launch pads for playing and sketching out drum beats, or launching and improvising with loops using the Launchpad app – they also launch clips and scenes in Ableton Live
  • 50 faders, knobs, pads and buttons (35 on 25-note version)
  • DAW control with Novation Launchkey – Instant access to major DAW control parameters – with no assignment necessary
  • Bus powered – Launchkey is fully bus-powered, even with iPad. Just plug it in and go, with no power supply or batteries
  • Launchkey includes one gigabyte of Loopmasters sample content including artist packs, drum samples and sound FX
  • Ableton Live Lite – Ableton’s ground-breaking performance and production software is included with Launchkey

Here’s the official intro video:

UPDATE: Pricing and availability

Launchkey 49 will be commercially available at the end of February 2013, and the 25- and 61-key models will debut in April.

  • Launchkey 25 MSRP $189.99 / $149.99 at dealers
  • Launchkey 49 MSRP $249.99 / $199.99 at dealers
  • Launchpad 61 MSRP $299.99 / $249.99 at dealers

26 thoughts on “Novation LaunchKey Offers 50+ Hardware Controls, iPad Integration

    1. Well get the latest version from Novation website, installer includes 32 and 64-bit versions of V-Station in both VST2 & VST3 formats.

  1. I sorta saw this coming, but not quite like this. Looks interesting. When do I get to create my own patches in LaunchKey? I just want to be able to save those little preset control spheres and be able to jump around my different setting like that. It seriously is a very interesting way to work, but not enough configuration yet to make it as powerful as it obviously could be.

    Controller looks cool. Still would prefer a Zero SL MKII, but never bought one for some reason… Oh yeah, I have like 40 midi controllers just laying around as it is.

  2. Looks good and the price is right, but how are you supposed to connect and control your iPad and computer at the same time using just a single USB port on Launchkey..?

    1. Price? Where do you see price?

      And I’m imagining that it can’t do both at once… unless you’re using a usb cable to connect to the ipad and midi over WIFi to connect to the computer.

  3. I wish they did an 88 note with split and maybe 4 x 8 pads…I can only realy get one board/controller on my desk, 88 note with a place for a mouse and a ton of slider/controls is what I want- maybe the upcoming Nektar Panama 88…..

    1. I agree with you. While this looks like a very good controller with a nice software set, i still cannot understand why Novation (and other manufacturers) do not make 25, 49, 61 AND 88 key versions. Playing on 88 weighted keys with aftertouch is heaven! And why have they abandoned XY pads, joysticks and touch ribbons? You can have tons of fun and expressive playing with them …
      Anyway, this looks good, hope the price is right. But still, a MIDI out and aftertouch …

  4. Anyone else care about the Launchpad App? Which will likely be free, but how will it work, wifi or core midi, whatever, is what I’d like to know.

  5. Another NAMM another round of cool-looking new controllers…without aftertouch. Between these
    and the new ones coming from M-Audio I’m already bummed. I’m starting to feel like all keyboard controllers lacking aftertouch are overpriced and kind of a ripoff, regardless of other features.

  6. if its anything remotely related to automap i will pass. the whole “wrapped plugins” thing is a joke.
    and why are they bragging on “50+ hardware controls”.. um, we’re talking about the people who made the supernova and xstation. bragging about how each new controller you put out has less controls than the one before it isnt ny idea of good advertising. its like if hummer suddenly put out their version of a Smart car.

  7. I sold want some sort of insurance that thus new system is not as much of a disastor as automap. Automap fucked up my logic plugin search at launch until I completely uninstalled it and removed the plugin from my system folder. It does the opposite of what it’s supposed to do.

  8. What about Launchpad App? there is an image but no trace of the upcoming software over Novation, anyone knows were to look at it? quite curious

  9. This looks great! But I agree with previous commenters that if it requires AutoMap, it’s a showstopper. AutoMap screws up many things on my MacBook Air. I finally had to decide between it or FInal Cut Pro. I chose to dump AutoMap, as well as my Launchpad, Nocturne and other Novation hardware.

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