Acid House + Brass Band = More Gigs, Girls Crashing The Stage & Free Beer!

What happens when a traditional brass band starts playing acid house music?

More gigs, girls crash the stage and free beer!

Here’s the story of Jeremy Deller and The Fairey Band’s Acid Brass project – a fun crossover project that’s a little absurd, yet still works.

via musicofsound

6 thoughts on “Acid House + Brass Band = More Gigs, Girls Crashing The Stage & Free Beer!

  1. Much respect to the band leader… A true musician in that he didn’t turn down the project just because he didn’t like the genre.

  2. When I think of rocking brass I think TRUBACI. If these guys want to really cook, they need to turn on to Boban Markovich and other Balkan Gypsy bands that truly bring it. Messing around with the dull palate of Acid House may be fine among narrow and rather staid British audiences, but there is a very strong tradition of in-your-face dance music played mainly by Roma east of the Danube. Brits know nothing of the transcendent 3-day riots every Balkan villager experiences at a wedding.

    1. Thanks but we brits have been quite content attending what you call, “transcendant riots” with our own acts such as the Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Orbital.. to name a few.

      I am sorry these bands have no universal appeal with their, “staid, narrow mindednes.”

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