Diablo Debuts Sound Control 6 Wireless Pedal System At 2013 NAMM Show


2013 NAMM Show: Diablo FX has introduced a wireless pedal control system, Sound Control 6.

According to Diablo FX, Sound Control 6 is the first wireless all-in-one effects
pedal management system. 




  • All-in-one analog pedal management system
  • First of its kind wireless stomp box control
  • Durable self-contained console case
  • Powers up to 6 x 9v. effects pedals
  • Turn on or off multiple effects / processors from single wireless foot pedal.
  • Analog bypass system. When effects pedal / processors are not being used they are physically bypassed.
  • Easy set up and break down. Effects pedal no longer need to be on the stage/floor.
  • Eliminates long cords on stage. Instrument cords degrade and weaken the signal sent from the instrument after about 15ft.
  • Average player uses 75ft of cord. With Sound Control you can use as little as 10ft of cord and run all of your pedals.

Pricing & Availability:

Sound Control 6 is available now with an MSRP of US $599.00. Diablo FX made a short video showing how Sound Control 6 works: http://youtu.be/ypCx2HaBsQ4

3 thoughts on “Diablo Debuts Sound Control 6 Wireless Pedal System At 2013 NAMM Show

  1. This is wireless switching though. I can imagine this would be killer for a small stage without much room, or a very large stage where you might want your pedals in back by the amp, but the switches up front by the mic.

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