Open Mic: What Do You Want To See Introduced At This Year’s NAMM Show?


The 2013 NAMM Show is next week, Jan 24th-27th.

The NAMM Show is one of the largest music industry events in the world, and manufacturers use it to showcase their latest gear and make some of their biggest announcements of the year.

We’ll be on location to provide full coverage of the show. In the meantime, though, what do you want to see companies introduce at this year’s NAMM Show?

69 thoughts on “Open Mic: What Do You Want To See Introduced At This Year’s NAMM Show?

  1. microkorg ms20 for around $500!

    and if the sub phatty is under $1500 I’ll be a very happy lady.

    next I want a microkorg poly six. digital ain’t bad if it means polyphony!!

  2. A new synthesizer from Nord to replace the Wave – lots of knobs like the Nord 3, and an innovative synth engine to set it apart from the mass of digital analogue emulations.

    1. Me too. Release date for Push seems to be mid-Feb (unofficial, but GC site has 2/10 as ship date). Since that will only work with Live 9, I assume they’ll have to ge the software out a couple weeks beforehand. I”m guessing Feb. 1.

    1. Actually, I’d be happy with a new workstation along the lines of Kronos, with multiple engines, a native support for FM SysEx files etc…

      I’m preparing to be disappointed this weekend, though. :/

  3. KORG Microsampler, second version.
    25 key (super compact) and 61 key.

    W/ memory card slot(s), updated, better sequencer, knobs that transmit midi, and option for 44.1khz as well as current rates on MS1.

    Thanks KORG. =)

  4. I’d like to see a new virtual instrument that features wind-instrument modeling. Sound source: cross-blown, or through-blown, single-reed, double-reed, or buzzed lips. Tube shape features: cylindrical through conical with various ways to adapt the bore and expansion. Control of materials for both reeds, lips, and tube. Something designed to both emulate existing sounds and create new sounds. A bit like chromaphone or sculpture, but instead of membranes, bars & strings, using methods described above. I think Modartt or Applied Acoustics would be good companies to take this on.

  5. I want waldorf to come out with a real date and price for the Pulse 2, and their ipad app. Both of which were supposed to come out last summer 😛

  6. I want to see:
    1. More DSP based hybrid instruments and effects… stuff like the Access Virus TI or Universal Audio’s Apollo and UAD systems.
    2. Better, application specific controllers for DAWs that make workflow more enjoyable.Think NI maschine or Ableton Push… but much larger in size… for permanent studio installations.
    3. Better audio interfaces for electronic musicians. More stereo inputs, less or no crappy mic pres, multiple MIDI ins and outs,… and Thunderbolt.
    4. A new version of the Numark NS7FX, with direct-drive platters and controls for all the new Serato DJ features,
    5. Better, more affordable, 88 note weighted, hammer actions midi controllers (with 2 midi outs and USB) Kill off the mini-keys and 25 key controllers trend.
    6. A new korg wavedrum that doesn’t have the low output issue.
    7. A new version of the M-Audio Ozonic… midi controller keyboard with built in firewire audio that is stable and portable.
    8. Updated Elektron Machinedrum. I want way more sample time and kit banks.

    1. Quality keyboard controllers with 88 weighted keys, polyphonic aftertouch and pitch ribbon for me, but will not say no to joysticks, XY touchpads and D-beams …

      1. Definitely would like to see something with Poly Aftertouch. Personally I would prefer semi-weighted 61 keys (or 37). Not being a piano person, I don’t want/need 88 or fully weighted. Poly Aftertouch is such a nice thing to have but my SQ-80 is 25 years old and I have no idea how much longer it can last.

        1. 88 keys is not just for piano players! (I’m a guitarist!) – you need the low keys to control many keyswitch VST’s like the East West Stuff – Also, an 88 note board is like having 2 44 note boards on your desk, I can zone and run 2 seperate VSTs (for example a bass and a PAD) which is great put ideas down in real time.

  7. Audiobus for every app available, as well as for MacBook Pro. Duh!

    It’s 2013 people, wake up and smell the future. It’s the iPad. Ultra connectivity will take all of this music to places we cant even dream of yet.

  8. How about a Hardware Analog string synth in the vein of the Crumar Performer or ARP Omni? but the size of a DSI Tetra (get your own controller).

  9. I’d love to see MOTU do a Traveller with iPad/iPhone support (for recording and mix/io control) and an integrated multichannel field recorder (stand alone).

    That would totally rock but I’m not holding my breath.

  10. A Ipad midi controller with audio and midi in/out for live performace and dj’ing. No jog wheels, lots of knobs, faders, and buttons. If a laptop is good for live stuff an Ipad or 2 is even better if integrated into a bad ass controller.

  11. I would love to see a Kaossilator Pro 2 and a true KP4. Would love to see multitouch, start/stop added to midi clock, and the ability to change from overdub record to replace record. I can dream can’t I?

  12. NEW Korg Electribe with Wi-Fi, plus USB & editing software…Plus can we have Wi-Fi as standard incorporated into all NEW gear?

  13. I’d LOVE to see Krog make an Analog 4 killer. an analog electribe!!

    the elektron stuff is very cool but a high learning curve for a sequencer. the electribe is SO usable but needs a better palette of sounds and options and fx.

  14. Moog Modular

    A new synth by Yamaha based on android s.o with touch screen: fm, am, wavetable

    A new synth by Korg successor of Z1

    88 weighted keyboard by Panorama

    Zebra 3.0

    Reason 7.0 with a lot of new modules

    Focusrite Forte II, same design but more inputs

    Apogee Windows 8 drivers

    NI Complete Ultimate 9.0

    New master keyboard by NI

  15. – Reason MIDI out
    – Virus Ti iOS App
    – Virus Ti Remote Extension for Reason
    – Modular G3 (I’ll ask my bank for a loan)
    – affordable 15″ Windows 8 (Pro) Multi-Touch tablet

  16. I´d like to see a re-issue/replica like the ms20 for every classic synthesizer, sampler and drum machine, would be totally cool to have cs-80 mini with a ribbon controller

  17. A new ENSONIQ ASR-10 sampling workstation with modern features like usb, multimode filters, realtime time stretching sample-fm and x-mod.
    Please EMU, do that!

  18. I have heard Next Industries is showing off some new acoustic sound panels that are way cool for us musicians! Both for touring and in the studio. I hope to check them out soon

    1. I built 12no 480 x 240 high spec panels myself with the same materials the big players use for $700, one weekend of elbow grease and sore hands but was best thing I ever did for my room, I can hear my beloved toys now!

    2. I built 12no 480 x 240 high spec panels myself with the same materials the big players use for about seventy bucks a panel, one weekend of elbow grease and sore hands but was best thing I ever did for my room, I can hear my beloved toys now!

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