Meteor Multitrack Recorder Updated With AudioBus

Meteor Multitrack for the iPadDeveloper 4Pockets has updated Meteor Multitrack Recorder with AudioBus support and more.

Here’s what’s new in Meteor v1.4:

  • This version of Meteor now supports the AudioBus application, allowing you to record live audio directly from other compatible applications.
  • Allows transferring of .mov, .m4a and .m4v files to and from DropBox.
  • You can now import videos from a file as well as the Camera Roll (using the video plugin).
  • Added a Reset Audio option to the ‘Help’ menu.
  • Added support for push notifications.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented pan controllers to be transmitted to connected MIDI instruments.

Meteor is a digital multi-track recorder designed specifically for the iPad. The program features up to 12 tracks of high quality Stereo, Mono and MIDI audio, a built in mixer and multi-effects processor.

Meteor is available for $19.99 in the App Store.  Additional features are available via in-app purchases.

13 thoughts on “Meteor Multitrack Recorder Updated With AudioBus

  1. How is the reverb quality in Meteor? Any convolution reverb?

    In terms of features and price, Meteor seems to be better than Auria at the moment.

  2. This part of the specs looks most interesting to me:

    •The ability to Record & Play Midi Tracks and Sync with External Hardware using MIDI Clock.

    Does this mean it’ll sync with iMS20 and iPolysix? If so, it’s just what I’ve been looking for – Multitrack DAW is sorely missing this feature.

    That said, both KORG apps need an update that gives more control over MIDI channels and cc’s IMO

  3. Very nice, i almost gave up on meteor when auria with its psp channel strips and fabfilter proQ knocked it out. But now it’s back in the game!

  4. I can’t seem to get it to work on my ipad 2…
    did everything instructed to do and still no go.
    Audiobus tab doesn’t come up.
    Deleted and re downloaded and rebooted,anyone else with problems?

    1. That happened the first time I tryed it to. But just open your synth and tap Rec and play on the audiobus tab under Meteor Remember to arm your track though 😉 ) and startt playing. Should work. The second time I tryed Audiobus showed up in Meteor. I use an ipad 2.

      1. I just figured out what happened in my end. In outputs in Audiobus I get up one Meteor and one Meteor1. When I use Meteor 1 it doesnt work. But it works fine when I use Meteor. Probobly a coding glitch 🙂

  5. Found a work around….start meteor,start audio bus,go to audiobus select meteor1,selection pane,select meteor,now works.
    some coding problem..

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