8 thoughts on “2013 NAMM Show Photos – Day 1

    1. The Vibanet is a new version of the Clavinet made by Vintage Vibe. It offers improvements over the vintage Hohner instruments including easier stringing and tuning, plus an onboard auto-wah unit.

  1. That guy is demonstrating Roland’s new Time Tunnel that goes back to the years when they made funky good synths.

  2. His name is Don Lewis, who in 1974 conceived the idea of the LEO (Live Electronic Orchestra). I quote:

    “The main components of LEO are the Hammond Concord Organ, two ARP 2600 synthesizers, 4 Oberheim Expander Modules, an ARP Pro-Soloist, a Pascetta keyboard, Roland Space Echo, Roland Promars, Roland Digital Chorus and a Boss Mixer.” Keep in mind that all of this was realized before MIDI, playing everything from one controller, keyboard splits and all. For example, he moves a fader on the “organ” console and it activates the Space Echo. At the show, he also had other units not in the plexiglass enclosure: a Jupiter 4 and TR-808. I got to hear him play “Chariots of Fire”. Pretty impressive!

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