8 thoughts on “2013 NAMM Show Photos – Day 1

    1. The Vibanet is a new version of the Clavinet made by Vintage Vibe. It offers improvements over the vintage Hohner instruments including easier stringing and tuning, plus an onboard auto-wah unit.

  1. His name is Don Lewis, who in 1974 conceived the idea of the LEO (Live Electronic Orchestra). I quote:

    “The main components of LEO are the Hammond Concord Organ, two ARP 2600 synthesizers, 4 Oberheim Expander Modules, an ARP Pro-Soloist, a Pascetta keyboard, Roland Space Echo, Roland Promars, Roland Digital Chorus and a Boss Mixer.” Keep in mind that all of this was realized before MIDI, playing everything from one controller, keyboard splits and all. For example, he moves a fader on the “organ” console and it activates the Space Echo. At the show, he also had other units not in the plexiglass enclosure: a Jupiter 4 and TR-808. I got to hear him play “Chariots of Fire”. Pretty impressive!

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