QuNexus Controller Preview

Here’s an overview of the new QuNexus controller, via Keith McMillen Instruments, from  NAMM 2013. This video contains examples of some of the unique features of the QuNexus controller:

  • Channel Rotation (MIDI channel is assigned in the order that keys are pressed, allowing for poly-pitch bend).
  • Hold Note function (useful for stacking chords or step sequencing).
  • LED Arpeggiator Feedback (Ableton Live’s arpeggiator is used to remotely control each of QuNexus’ LEDs. Each of the 32 LEDs can be controlled by any MIDI device or DAW).

More details are available at the KMI site.

5 thoughts on “QuNexus Controller Preview

  1. Very awesome and nicely priced! It’s clear they’ve put a lot of thought into how this fits in with people’s gear. I’m very curious as to how it’s set up to deal with midi. So it says ‘5-pin midi via midi expander.’ Is this some external hardware or just a cable ie a 3.5mm on one end and a din-5 on the other that we can wire ourselves? How does power work when its not running on a USB? Does this include midi IN for something like syncing the arpeggiator to MTC?
    Also are configurations saved in the device itself, ie can you say, configure the CV out to respond to pressure and have it work in the absence of a computer? Can the PB pad be configured as a mod wheel?
    Though… it’s kind of a shame they couldn’t stick just one more pad on the bottom row to make it 16 so that some industrious hacker could get it working as a step sequencer 🙂

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