The MicroTone – A Microtonal Polyphonic Synthesizer For The iPad

microtone-ipad-synthesizerDeveloper Olivier Zurkirchen has introduced The Microtone – a microtonal polyphonic synthesizer and OSC controller for the iPad.

He has also released OSynth – a free microtonal synth for Mac & WIndows. The Microtone can be used as a tablet controller interface for playing OSynth.

Here’s a demo of The Microtone in action:


  • control one octave fluently without steps. Just glide over the keyboard with up to 10 fingers!
  • switch octaves or lowest/highest notes
  • use your eyes or ears to check your intonation
  • integrated polyphonic synthesizer with 8 different sound presets (more to come!)
  • send your pitch data over WiFi/OSC to your computer.
  • send your pitch data over WiFi/OSC to max/MSP or my free synthesizer osynth

The Microtone is available in the App Store for US $9.99. If you’ve used The Microtone, let us know what you think of it!

11 thoughts on “The MicroTone – A Microtonal Polyphonic Synthesizer For The iPad

  1. i’ve been watching this. would more interested if it weren’t just 8 presets (more to come—yawn) and was editable. i have no idea why playing presets is somehow supposed to be interesting.

    the microtonal stuff *is* interesting.

    1. It’s a MIDI controller – so the depth if the synth engine isn’t as important as much as how well it works with other apps.

      I know other developers have ran into problems doing microtonal stuff via MIDI.

      1. except it says polyphonic synth in its descriptor on itunes.

        for me the controller thing is not as useful, i’d be more interested in being able to do microtonal synth sounds on my ipad.

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