Behringer CMD MIDI Controllers

At the 2013 NAMM Show, Behringer showed their CMD DJ controllers – a line of MIDI controllers originally introduced at last year’s NAMM Show, but now shipping.

The CMD DJ line consists of:

  • CMD MM-1 Mixer Module;
  • CMD DV-1 Digital Vinyl Control Module;
  • LC-1 Live Control Module;
  • CMD PL-1 Platter Control Module; and
  • CMD DC-1 Drum Control

All of the controllers ship with Image Line’s Deckadance DJ software, but can work with any MIDI apps. 

The Behringer CMD controllers are class-compliant, so you can plug and play, without the need for additional drivers.

While all individual CMD components work well as stand-alone controllers for most popular DJ and production software programs, the series is also designed to easily connect to create multiple controller configurations.


Deckadance provides features up to 4 software decks. Smartknobs link a single knob to any number of FX and Mixer interface parameters, while the GrossBeat function in Deckadance provides 8 user adjustable FX per deck, including programmable and automated glitch, stutter and scratch functions.

Additionally, Deckadance includes effects, a sampler, plus up to 8 smart panels for user configurable Loop, Cue, Grid, DVS, Key, Smart Knob and Tempo panels.

The software hosts VST plugins and can act as a VST plugin in any DAW production environment.

The Behringer CMD MIDI controllers are available now, with street prices in the US $150-200 range. See the Behringer site for details.

14 thoughts on “Behringer CMD MIDI Controllers

  1. I’m so sad that they own Midas consoles now, but if your in a pinch these might be a decent cheap alternative to some of the higher-end controllers that these are obviously ripped off from…

  2. The ones introduced at Namm 2012 were beta, the 2013 introduction are the real final products, and they are still “comming soon” on Behringer website …

    1. I’m afraid that being Behringer german, we’re speaking euro not dollars.
      these were supposed to be from 99€ to 149€,
      that means from approximately 132$ and 199$.
      so the 150-200$ price range seems right.
      I’ve seen one of the units and it seemed built way better
      than others in the same price range. That’s new for Behringer
      because they were accused of building cheap but not-so-reliable stuff.
      Apparently the obscene amount of money they spent in building automation lines
      for the new X32, is giving them the ability to meet higher standards in other product lines.

      1. I should probably point out that I’ve seen and touched the unit,
        but I haven’t used it in connection to a software so there are still tests…
        but, they certainly have changed some things compared to the first prototypes.
        – aluminum
        – previous plastic buttons are now rubber. better for touch feel and led lights
        – led colors changed (color blind. couldn’t recognize different led colors of APC40. sold after 1 week)
        – knobs have rubber coating, again better touch feel.
        – controllers feet are big so controllers stay put on a surface

  3. Some of these look interesting, Behringer stuff is usually pretty flexible but I don’t know how you can call something a drum controller if it doesn’t do velocity! The DC unit would have been nice with this… my guess is they had to cut corners on their original design otherwise I don’t see the point in making two button controllers.

    1. I was just thinking how DC-1 looks really handy for a little drumming MIDI controller, but without velocity it’s rather useless to me. Shame. It looks great.

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