Behringer Intros NEKKST Monitors, Designed by KRK Founder

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At the 2013 NAMM Show, Behringer introduced the NEKKST K5 and K8 near-field monitors, developed by monitor designer and founder of KRK, Keith R. Klawitter.

The new NEKKST monitors feature a means of switching between studio tunings, as well as DSP correction, multiple analog and digital inputs, along with iOS and Bluetooth.

Both models come with 1″ silk dome tweeters and glass fiber cone woofers; 8″ and 5″ respectively.

Connectivity for a wide variety of digital sources is accomplished via the onboard USB input. Analog inputs feature XLR, TRS and RCA connectors-and can be used simultaneously with the USB source.

Both monitors feature Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio from a Bluetooth-enabled device.

An iOS APP allows the user to adjust the K8/K5’s acoustic characteristics right from their seat in the “sweet spot” via iPhone or iPad. In addition, users can download models of iconic studio monitors, as well as listening environments that replicate EQ curves of world-class producers and artists.

Pricing and availability for the Behringer NEKKST monitors is TBA.

9 thoughts on “Behringer Intros NEKKST Monitors, Designed by KRK Founder

  1. can anyone give insight as to why the founder of KRK would release a design under Behringer’s untrusted name? is KRK done-for? or did this a ‘b-side’ design he sold to Behringer?

    1. Because Behringer offered him a stack of money?

      If you look at what Behringer has introduced in the last two years, it’s pretty clear that they are trying to move beyond knockoffs, and they are doing a pretty good job of it.

      Check out their current mixers and dj controllers, for example.

      My main concern is whether thry’ve fixed their build quality problems. Their older stuff suffered from ‘you get what you pay for’ syndrome. Get a mixer for half what it should cost, but it lasts half as long.

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