Behringer Expands X32 Mixer Line

behringer-x32-producerAt the 2013 NAMM Show, Behringer announced expansions to its line of X32 mixers.

The X32 COMPACT, X32 PRODUCER, X32 RACK and X32 CORE all share the flagship X32’s performance specifications, with powerful digital connectivity, virtual FX, MIDAS-designed mic preamps,and a variety of inputs and outputs.

All models also include KLARK TEKNIK-engineered AES50 ports, which can be connected to BEHRINGER S16 Digital Snakes for expanded I/O, regardless of mainframe size, and can be controlled using XControl for PC/Mac/Linux, XiControl optimized for iPad and XiQ for iPhone/iPod Touch.

The X32 COMPACT is a 40-input channel, 25-bus Digital Mixing Console with 16 programmable MIDAS Preamps, 17 motorized faders and all of the features, functionality and intuitive workflow of the original X32. Sporting a slimmed-down chassis, the X32 COMPACT is designed for applications where space is limited or the application only requires 16 local mic inputs. When connected to an S16 Digital Snake, I/O is expanded to full X32 capacity.

The X32 PRODUCER is a 40-input channel, 25-bus Digital Mixing Console with 16 programmable MIDAS Preamps, 17 motorized faders and a form factor that makes it ideal for professional and home project studios. The X32 PRODUCER is equally at home in a recording environment or on the road. A high-resolution, day-viewable 5” TFT screen provides complete visibility into the mix, FX and metering—plus it can be rack mounted via the included rack kit. Remote mixing is a breeze using an iPad or Laptop.

The 40-input channel, 25-bus X32 RACK Mixer features 16 programmable MIDAS Preamps and a high-resolution 5” day-viewable TFT, housed in a rugged 3U rack housing. Equally at home in a studio rack, road-case or even a fixed installation, the X32 RACK delivers the mixing and FX power for even the most demanding applications where PC/MAC/Linux computers, iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch control is desired.

X32 CORE is a 40-input channel, 25-bus Digital Rack Mixer that packs all of the mixing, routing and FX power of the flagship X32 into a 1RU rack-mountable chassis. I/O connectivity requires the addition of S16 Digital Snake boxes and accommodates up to 96 remote inputs, or X32 CORE can be connected to a DAW with a full 32 x 32 channels, massive FX and near-zero latency using USB 2.0 or FireWire.

Behringer CEO Uli Behringer had this to say about the new X32 mixers, “The introduction of the X32 demonstrated that a high-performance, cost-effective digital mixer, is not only possible, but has been embraced by a very demanding market place. Now that the X32 has earned critical user acclaim, we want to bring its functionality to applications where form-factor plays a more significant role.”

Pricing and availability for the new X32 mixers is TBA.

6 thoughts on “Behringer Expands X32 Mixer Line

  1. I am pretty keen on the producer version of this console, and was quite excited when i first heard behri was bringing out a digital mixer. Has anyone out there had experience on the flagship version of the x32 yet? How is the reliabilty of the firewire interface and is the menu system / lcd interface sufficiently intuitive and quick to use (important for this kind of mixer)?

    1. I’ve had an X32 since they wree available and it has been a joy. It’s a quality item that is easy to use. In fact, it’s so good I’m going to get a rack mount version now too for a compact live setup controlled by ipad app. Can’t praise it highly enough for this price.

  2. Midas-designed pres? I haven’t heard this mixer yet… but I doubt they are of the same quality as a real Midas mixer… marketing gimmick?

    I hope not… Behringer seems to have been stepping their game up recently, with some cool DJ/controllerist and interface ideas… I remember when most people in the industry purposely stayed away from this brand. I’ve heard horror stories. Anyways, good for them. This is the first time in a while I’ve even thought about checking out something they make. I guess that’s progress…

      1. Hi,

        My name is Bart. I was a bona fid live touring engineer for 14 years in Dallas Texas. Subbed shows as an independent for SHOWCO. Last toured with Ozzfest. Anyway….I think this is a very interesting product. My main concern does it really have Midas pres. My company used to own a Midas Heritage 3000 and 4000. I need help and value your opinion.

        Thanks, Bart.

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