11 thoughts on “The Italo Dance House Piano Sound

  1. ugh.. didnt need to revisit that – this kind of shit actually broke into the mainstream very easily, ended up in commercials, tv, etc…

    as usual, the really good underground music stayed there

  2. Here is a question for all you music genius folks. Maybe you can help me out.

    i LOVE this sound, but unfortunately its hard to get this classic sound. I’m currently debating on getting a Jupiter 80 or 50, would it provide me with a similarly competitive sound? And yes I’m aware of all the hate Roland is getting.

    Also how would one go about getting this classic piano sound? (I’m well into VSTs but want hardware as well!)

    1. If you have a board with sampling capabilities you could always sample the M1 Legacy plugin. You could always make your own though by sampling a real piano really badly, like Korg did back in the 80s for the M1. Sample it, make it brighter than bright with EQ and spread your samples wide across the board to get that thin sound.

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