The Boomstar 3003, Featuring The Roland TB-303 Filter

Here’s a demo video of the first Studio Electronics Boomstar 3003. a new analog synth that features a filter design based on the classic Roland TB-303.

The Boomstar family of synthesizers includes four new analog synths, each priced at $899. The four synths share a common 2-oscillator analog synth architecture. The synth is offered, though, with four different filter types:

  • 4075-classic Arp 2600
  • 5089-classic Moog 24db ladder
  • SEM-classic Oberheim 12db
  • 3003-classic Roland TB.

SE calls the Boomstar “the ultimate desktop analog synthesizer for those who remember the electronic analog sound”.

See the SE site for more info.

17 thoughts on “The Boomstar 3003, Featuring The Roland TB-303 Filter

    1. You’re paying for quality.

      The MS20 mini is a big piece of plastic. The Minibrute is better, but nowhere near old-school build quality.

    1. Everything but the filter is different, so this isn’t trying to be 303 clone. Instead, like the FR777, it’s expanding domain of ‘303’ style sounds.

  1. I would expect these things price to be closer to 500. For me 899 would only be justified if one had the option to load all the filters.
    After all when everything else is identical between the various models, i can’t figure why one would give 899 just for a different filter.

    1. Yo x! That’s a studio electronics discrete circuit analog synthesizer. For them to release a synth for less than 1000usd is simply out of character. And you do get an entire synth for that price, not just a filter. You even get to choose between four flavors of filtering. If I was in the market for an analog monosynth, the boomstars would definetely be on my list. Btw, concerning the lack of similarity to a tb303: The filter is only one part of the tb303. Equally important for that signature sound is the sequencer, the glides, accents, the envelope section and the single 303 oscillator.

  2. I bought the 4075 ARP clone. It sounds incredible and well worth what I paid. I have always wanted the ARP sound to complement my other synths and get a real early 80’s minimal wave sound…now I have it! I also own a little phatty, Oberheim SEM, Minibrute, Tetra and Dark Energy. The 4075 cuts through the mix like a razor and is incredibly phat!

  3. Boomstar. Well, it sound like a Thai discotech in Bangkok. I’m not sold, when I can just buy a subphatty and never regret another moment of regret.

  4. The tb 303 has a few key elements, accent , slide , and filter.
    This synth bears no resemblance to a 303 in any way shape or form. I have been into acid since 88.
    Considering that you use 303 in advertising and you know how to make synths, where is the accent?
    Mode machines, xoxbox,acidlab,Cyclone Bass bott all use the basic tb 303 elements in their machines. to sell this has a 303 sounding synth is comical.
    The defence that it takes the 303 sound further is absurd has there is no detail in the sound that validates that , considering the absence of accent on individual notes.It seems weird that a company would market it a synth using ‘303’ on it , when they don’t seem to know a 303 from a kazoo.
    There is an acid scene , all over the world, I would think it is unlikely this will interest anyone who
    knows who DJ Pierre is , and what ACID music is about .

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