The Boomstar Modular Synthesizer

Last week, Studio Electronics introduced four Boomstar Modular System modules – Eurorack modules, created in partnership with Pittsburgh Modular, based on the Boomstar all-in-one synthesizer designs. Now they have introduced the complete Boomstar Modular System – 14 modules that they say ‘dramatically opens up the root level programming and sound sculpting of that lush and potent, and already… Read More The Boomstar Modular Synthesizer

Studio Electronics Intros 4 New Euro Boomstar Modules

Studio Electronics today introduced four Boomstar modules for Eurorack synthesizers. The modules feature several of the filter designs from the company’s Boomstar synthesizers and an AMP/VCA module. Boomstar Modules: 3003 ( Roland Filter) 4075 (ARP Filter) 5089 (Moogy Filter) AMP / VCA (overdrive) The modules are the first in a planned Boomstar Modular System – a collection… Read More Studio Electronics Intros 4 New Euro Boomstar Modules