Casino 2 – 64 presets For Cassini From Sunsine Audio

casino-2-cassini-patchesSunsine Audio has introduced Casino 2 – a new library of 64 presets for Cassini, featuring Basses, Leads, Pads, Arpeggiations, Chiptune, Formant and FM patches and more.

Every preset has the modulation wheel routed, as well as all 4 performance modulation knobs assigned to  aspects of the sound, giving you a high degree of real time control over the sounds.


  • 100% Original and Royalty Free
  • 64 cassini_timbre files
  • 256 Controller knob settings
  • 64 Mod Wheel settings
  • Includes easy installation instructions

Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Cassino 2 is available for $2.49 from Sunsine Audio. A free preview pack is also available.

12 thoughts on “Casino 2 – 64 presets For Cassini From Sunsine Audio

  1. this is a third-party offering, not something from the people who developed cassini. at least that’s my read on it.

    really nice synth, by the way.

  2. Cassini is a fine piece of software – one of my favorites on iOS. 3 Oscillators + FM/sub-osc/ringmod/sync + 2 filters + 2 delays + flexible arpeggiator/step sequencer and scale mapping = happiness!! The fact that
    each oscillator comes with independent pitch and volume envelopes and LFOs makes it even better. Oh yeah, did I mention overdrive? Also nice.

    I quite like that it has FM, but I wish it supported more flexible modulation (e.g. separate carrier and modulator frequency modulation) and routing (dare I say “algorithms?”) The oscillators are almost “operators” already since they have their own envelopes. 😉

    I also really, really wish they would fix the audible stepping/clicks on the volume control !! And in the best of all worlds, they would fix the latency on iPad 1 – 1024 samples just feels sluggggish…. Oh yeah, and MIDI sync and Audiobus and cloud patch syncing and…. well, I guess I can’t really complain because I think I bought this one and the iPhone version for less than $10 total.

    Sunsine does good stuff, but I don’t hear anything better than what I’ve created on this synth, and besides isn’t making your own sounds one of the things that makes synthesis so much fun? Why would I want to take that fun away from myself? 😉

  3. sunsine inundate presets all over the ios world knowing a lot of app users are too lazy to craft a preset from an init patch.

    The devs make able synths only to have their customers creative journey stunted by these businessmen!

    1. How useful the presets are depends on what you’re intending to do with the synths. If the “creative journey” is to make your own sounds, then they’re not useful at all. If the “creative journey” is to make music, then they might be handy — you get to focus more on writing a song than tweaking a knob or figuring out the programming model.

      There are luthiers who make guitars, and guitarists who simply play. Both can be creative artists, and have a place in the world.

  4. I find presets can also be useful to reverse-engineer and figure out how to get certain sounds -especially with something like iMS-20 where the patch cables didn’t seem to do anything for the first hour or so of playing with it!

  5. Preset libraries have their place. A good patch library shows you fully what a synth is capable of, and can help you learn a lot about a synth.

    Also, different sound designers bring different perspectives to the synth – so they can show you your favorite synth from a new perspective.

    For people without time to build dozens of custom patches, they’re also a cheap way to get more out of a synth. These guys are selling their patch libraries for $3, which is about as fair a deal as you can get.

    Making your own patches is fun, but don’t act like spending $3 on some patches is a sign of moral weakness or something!

  6. FYI – I remember reading an article about a synth repair guy, and he said that he’d never worked on a DX7 that had user-created patches on it!

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