FL Studio 64-Bit Beta Now Available

fl-studio-64-bit-betaImage-Line has released a native 64-bit version of FL Studio and plugins to beta testers:

This version includes a 64 Bit version of FL Studio, Edison and most native plugins. If your favorite native Image-Line plugin does not seem to work you can check here for the 64 Bit VST version.

We DO plan to convert as many native plugins to 64 Bit as possible. That won’t be possible in all cases.

NOTE: You must be running 64 Bit windows to use 64 Bit FL Studio


  • 3x Osc
  • Autogun
  • BeepMap
  • Dashboard
  • FPC
  • Fruit Kick
  • Fruity Dance
  • Fruity DX10
  • Fruity Envelope Controller
  • Fruity Granulizer
  • Fruity Keyboard Controller
  • Fruity Slicer
  • Fruity Wrapper
  • Harmless
  • Harmor
  • MIDI Out
  • Ogun
  • Patcher
  • Slicex
  • Sytrus


  • Edison
  • EQUO
  • Fruity Big Clock
  • Fruity Convolver
  • Fruity dB Meter
  • Fruity Delay 2
  • Fruity Delay Bank
  • Fruity Fast Dist
  • Fruity Flangus
  • Fruity Formula Controller
  • Fruity HTML NoteBook
  • Fruity Limiter
  • Fruity Love Philter
  • Fruity NoteBook
  • Fruity PanOMatic
  • Fruity Parametric EQ
  • Fruity Parametric EQ 2
  • Fruity Peak Controller
  • Fruity Reeverb 2
  • Fruity Send
  • Fruity Soft Clipper
  • Fruity Spectroman
  • Fruity Stereo Enhancer
  • Fruity Stereo Shaper
  • Fruity Vocoder
  • Fruity WaveShaper
  • Fruity Wrapper
  • Fruity X-Y Controller
  • Gross Beat
  • Maximus
  • Patcher
  • Soundgoodizer
  • VFX Color Mapper
  • Vocodex
  • Wave Candy
  • ZGameEditor Visualizer

See the FL Studio site for details.

16 thoughts on “FL Studio 64-Bit Beta Now Available

  1. Little too late.. people have moved onto DAWs that don’t require so many workarounds.
    The blocks and non-linear construction and eccentric layout have frustrated many of customers.
    Even with the free updates for life all you get are new demo versions and wacked down versions of basic throw aways.

    Image-line has spent the last couple of years playing catch up while the other DAW companies have developed new and better workflows.

    The Dephi programming language will cease to exist and then FLSTUDIO will finally crumble to dust… so save your money and buy a future proof DAW.

    We have moved on to bigger and better things.
    Reaper $60 with everything you need and more.
    Stagelight $9.99 a cheap alternative.

      1. Lol, he was busy shooting down some dumb ass on GearSlutz in a riveting thousand page thread entitled “Are analog or digital synths best”

    1. God there’s nothing worse than the Gear Police telling people how to make music, people have different technical and musical strengths, people flourish with different technologies.

    2. “Blah” You have no idea what the hell you’re talking about FL is not supposed to be a standard DAW (It never was) it’s a digital synthesis workstation using synthesizers and drum machines & tools for audio manipulation. It just happens to have a built in step sequencer. Just like even know there are easier synthesis technologies there are still people who use MAX/MSP Why because it is a specialized tool. Besides you wouldn’t use FL studio for standard audio multi tracking In the first place.

    1. Nice to see that another update is on the way, but most people (except blah, maybe) probably don’t see 64-bit as an exciting selling point.

      It will be good to have, though, when I’ve got that computer with a pentabyte of memory.

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