The Moog Sub Phatty Oscillators In Depth

Video synth sage Marc Doty has kicked off a new set of videos, the latest in his series of in-depth looks at vintage and modern analog synths. 

His latest subject is the new Moog Sub Phatty synthesizer, introduced at this year’s NAMM Show. In the first video in the series, Doty looks at the Sub Phatty’s oscillators.

“The Moog Sub Phatty theme is comprised of Sub Phatty sounds,” notes Doty,  “with the exception of the drums, which were programmed using an Ensoniq ASR-10. There are no effects used of any kind.”

6 thoughts on “The Moog Sub Phatty Oscillators In Depth

  1. I love Marc Doty – he could sell any synth, no matter how shit it is, without telling a single lie. Hell, he managed to make an MG-1 look awesome!

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