CMI Pro Gets Updated With AudioBus Support & More

peter-vogel-cmi-proPeter Vogel has updated CMI Pro – his software recreation of the classic Fairlight CMI.

Here’s what’s new in CMI Pro 1.5:

  • Major App rewrite, with lots of improvements.
  • Audiobus support, both input and output. Send any audio to other apps, or sample new voices from the output of other apps.
  • New Synthesizer and Sequencer Engines. Better accuracy, lower CPU use, new features like polyphonic channels.
  • Background synth and song playing. Play your song in the background, or use external keyboards to play your selected voices while another app is in the foreground. Great for looping.
  • Stereo voices, voices from MP3, view waveforms and play voices before importing them.
  • Page R step/pattern navigation while playing. No need to stop first.
  • Skip the startup floppy disk to get right into composing.

CMI Pro is intended to be ‘part midi player, part creative tool and part history lesson’, and was developed by Fairlight staff who worked on the original CMI in the ’80s.

Note that some love the retro user interface, while others find that the old-school approach isn’t as user-friendly as they’re used to.

Peter Vogel CMI Pro is available in the App Store for $49.99.

If you’ve used CMI Pro, let us know what you think of it!

11 thoughts on “CMI Pro Gets Updated With AudioBus Support & More

  1. I don’t own the “Pro” version, but I did get suckered into purchasing the $9.99 “demo” version, and it’s a rip off. Ten buck for cripple ware that does nothing more than play back a canned demo song. A complete rip off and waste of money.

  2. the 9.99 version lets you do everything the pro does except use the Page R sequencer, import some old file types, and use the CM III library. Thats over 500+ instruments you can play with midi and audiobus. more than just playing a demo i’d say.

  3. Anything that requires the sentence “Skip the startup floppy disk to get right into composing.” indicates that someone was on acid when they designed it…

  4. i got this a while back and was my biggest itunes regret. for the price it was an absolut ripoff.
    now it is finally actually usable.

  5. I did not notice the features to draw in waveforms and harmonics; I guess these features are not present?

  6. I got the lite version for about £10 about 2 years ago because it works on the Synthstation 25. I deleted it a couple of weeks later. I know it’s supposed to be retro and all but I found the whole thing clunky, far too expensive – especially if you want all the features – but worst of all it’s really boring!

  7. Just remember guys, it’s not Fairlight. Yet, worth 50$? Yes, I do think so, if you can export the audio from that toy of yours in decent quality.

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