Tape Recorder Techniques For Minimal Techno

This video, via wouter van Veldhoven, explores four tape recorder techniques for minimal techno: looping, delay, reverse delay and saturation.

Four tape recorder techniques for minimal techno:

  1. a tape loop system (1 recorder, top right)
  2. long delay (2 recorders: top left and middle right)
  3. reverse delay (bottom middle)
  4. tape feedback/tape saturation on system 1, 2 and 3

The Tascam 8 track is not doing anything here – except being an expensive table for two other recorders,

van Veldhoven notes, “the video in the second part doesn’t really match the music, the camera fell so I couldn’t use the original. I wasn’t doing all that much except for letting the long tape delay saturate on itself for a very very long time.”

12 thoughts on “Tape Recorder Techniques For Minimal Techno

  1. Hmmmm, I think i’ll go and do some cut-n-paste of audio regions in my DAW to reproduce this. The future is good.

  2. Nice old school stuff – very experimental and hard to do… Tape loop tones and atmospheres can’t be replicated in a DAW, i know i’ve tried : / only tape can produce electromechanical tonal nuances and accidental noise fluctuations. One day on a computer but not yet – keep it up dude:)

  3. You lost me after the brash sounds coming in at 3:00, bit harsh for a minimal track. But I admire what you are accomplishing here.

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