Sequence For iPhone Lets You Explore Eclidean Rhythms

Developer Dimitri Diakopoulos has released Sequence – a new circular audio + MIDI sequencer, that lets you explore Euclidean rhythms.


  • Eight patterns to play with
  • 30 samples from classic drum machines
  • MIDI output
  • Save and load sequences
  • BPM control

Sequence is $1.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Sequence, let us know what you think of it!

7 thoughts on “Sequence For iPhone Lets You Explore Eclidean Rhythms

  1. Taken from the developer’s website:

    On the roadmap for version 2.0, we’d like to introduce Audiobus support, functions for recording sessions, and the ability to import your own samples. We’ll also probably add OSC and support the iPhone 5 screen.

  2. This is cool! With this demo, all patterns share the same step rate, but appear to be able to modify how those steps are grouped and played. I think within this framework, there are lots of possibilities. Though it doesn’t look like you can modify the step rate for a pattern, and macro kinds of processes aren’t explored in this demo– it does seem like a manageable feature set.

  3. Another intriguing app with a crap (musically speaking) demo. I’m fascinated by the possibilities of generative music, but only if the sound produced is unique and desirable. I can imagine what you might be able to do with this, but the way to sell a product is to show consumers why they need it. Fail so far…

  4. not to clear about where the midi goes out… perhaps someone can illuminate?

    i like it. it has a lot of room to grow but it’s good. worth the two bucks. slightly reminiscent of propellerhead’s figure.

  5. This seems like an amazing and simple beat maker.

    Anyone knows if all patterns are exported to individual midi channels?

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