New Modular DJ App, d(- -)b

modular-dj-appAppBC has introduced d(- -)b, the first modular DJ App for the iPad.

Made by the people behind touchAble, d(- -)b’s modular approach lets the app adapt to the user, not the other way around. You can choose from pre-installed templates or create your own interface with up to 6 decks – on one or several pages.


  • Zoomable realtime waveforms with spectrum colorcoding
  • 4 cue points per deck
  • 3 band EQ with kill switches
  • loops from 1/64th to 8 bars
  • loop roll while track keeps playing
  • automatic beat & grid detection
  • manually grid tracks if the detection is off
  • pitch coarse & fine faders for 10% / 1% pitch control
  • custom browser with access to the iTunes library
  • record stereo mixes – even without multi-route (optionally listen to the dry/wet monitor signal instead of the recorded main signal)
  • multi-route audio to precue tracks in stereo
  • use any class compilant USB Audio Interface as a secondary stereo output
  • split output audio to do mono monitoring

d(- -)b is available now in the App Store, with antroductory price of $9.99.

8 thoughts on “New Modular DJ App, d(- -)b

    1. d(- -)b was our test suite for the new engine that now runs touchAble v2. The Edit mode and several other features of d–b will be found in touchAble very soon!
      so no worries, touchAble is not given up on at all!

  1. Bought it this morning, killer App, me like it a lot, not just a cool toy like traktor app, you can really get something out of it!

  2. Midi clock and map pings will come soon as said last bit of promo. I was wondering if this supports copy and paste from other apps, no dj apps I have come across support this. Maybe the audiobus implementation will allow for audio to stream into the app?

  3. Why do you guys always release apps without midi. I would have bought this instantly if you had midi implemented, now it is a ‘shelved purchase’. Such a shame.

    Is there anyway to add songs/sample via another file transfer method other than iTunes, which everyone seems to hate using?

    All in all a very interesting looking app with potential. Bet it only runs on iOS 6 right đŸ˜€

  4. I bought this and it doesn’t work on my iPad 2, 64GB. I have the most recent iOS. I tried resetting, re-synching and all it does is display the icon before crashing out. Bummer, because it sounds pretty cool.

  5. Is there anyone who can tell me if d(- -)b sounds better than Meta Dj? Are there effects planed?.. I am dreaming of modulars effects on my ipad…

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