19 thoughts on “deadmau5 & Imogen Heap – Telemiscommunications

  1. The style jumping being totally unmotivated by anything in the visual or lyrical “story”, never mind the inconsistent quality of the design and animation, makes the video hard to watch.

    1. “inconsistent quality of the design and animation”
      “stylistically incoherent series of animations”

      Maybe you missed the part that said:
      “The video was ‘crowdsourced’, with input from 20 animators”

      Chryst, thumbs up 🙂

  2. Kind of like that (take on me) music video from the 80s. Except that was a good song and cool vid. Sorry I don’t know the name or artist of that 80s classic.

  3. I have had more than a few bad things to say about Deadmau5 in the past, but this is pretty ok.
    Curious about how much was influence and what was inspiration, but all in all it’s different and that’s not a bad thing.

    An artist, whether i like his work or not, has every right to jump styles. Neil Young has made a career of it to varying success and sometimes lost listeners along the way.

    With all the criticism and hate he’s had (i worked hard at turning my 11 year-old nephew on to better electronic music and not forcing Deadmau5’s music on him) I can at least respect this “drop-free” track. Sure to confuse or possibly expand the tastes of his fans.

    I’ll just say that I’m listening and will pay some attention to what comes next.

  4. This is actually really good. As a true producer you have to be versatile and complement the sound of the individual artist. You cannot always dance. Sometimes you must reflect and hit on the different emotions in the human existence. I give him much respect for stepping outside of his normal 4/4 routine. Great job!

  5. It’s got a nice pensive feel to it. Joel started out in music making non-four on the floor. It’s just what made him popular.

  6. There’s nothing in this song that Imogen Heap could not of done herself. If you were not told deadmau5 was a collaborator, you would not know. On the other hand, anytime Imogen Heap contributes on another song other than her own, you know without question.

  7. As someone who travels by air around the world….sometimes for a month or more at a time…away from my family for 1/2 the year or more…..and now am working an event across the country from my wife and kids for a month after getting back from Australia where I was for another month….this video and song touched me very….very….deeply.

    Too many times to count have I been that guy on the phone….having to try to say those things on a phone…in a busy, noisy airport….a city street….a noisy and crowded sports venue.

    When I get a text or a call from home….and my wife or kids ask me how I am….or that they love and miss me…..well….watch the video again…all you who dissed it….and you’ll see my reaction in those characters in the end.

    Thanks deadmau5 and Imogen…..a truly, special song.

  8. Wow, give the artist some love guys. I do not like (most) EDM, but I could always admire Deadmau5’s production style and his eager to incorporate new methods and instruments. This is a great experiment that deserves lots of praise in my opinion. He sticks his head out and lots of guys are eager to mow it off. Come on, give the artist a break and take this song for what it is: an artistic, delicate song. If you’re not into it, no probs, but why so negative? In the words of the great Eddy Murphy: What have YOU done for us lately?

    By the way, I kind of like the song, especially the synth sounds, but I think the animation is amazingly beautiful. Thank you.

  9. This music video really makes up for what would otherwise, if taken separately, have seemed an unexceptional track, with lyrics uninspired and beats tired and tried, and a stylistically incoherent series of animations set in an airport. In my opinion, it does so by providing one of many possible interpretations of a theme which receives surprisingly little attention these days. With the dependence on our smartphones (or other portable devices) growing by the year, which is not in itself a problem, it makes me glad to see that mainstream artists (like deadmau5 and Imogen Heap) have the potential to address these trends, rather than sticking to the hackneyed romance/sex/alcohol/drug themes which so plague mainstream “EDM” at the moment. Of course, this is just the way I look at it. Thanks for sharing, Synthtopia!

  10. I really liked both the track, with it’s minimalistic style, and moving lyrics; the video, I felt went perfectly with it – the many different animation styles, and interpretation from the animators was an excellent match. I didn’t find it jarring or mismatched, I thought the editing was spot on.
    Quite a departure from Joel’s usual style, and an unusual pairing – fair play.

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