New Soundplane Software Demo

Here’s a quick demo demonstrating the new touch sensitivity of the new software v0.99 for the Madrona Labs Soundplane.

In the demo, Randy Jones is playing a string sound with Aalto over OSC, and simultaneously, a piano with Logic over MIDI.

The new code stores a snapshot of finger pressure at each point on the Soundplane surface. It uses this information to determine what is and what isn’t a touch with much better confidence than before. It also normalizes the force over the surface for smoother playing.

The Soundplane is a new controller that detects a wide range of touches on its walnut playing surface, from a light tickle to a very firm press. The Soundplane A can be configured as either a 150-note keyboard with position and pressure sensing on each key, or as one continuous surface.

See the Madrona Labs site for more info.

via Randy Jones:


2 thoughts on “New Soundplane Software Demo

  1. I got to play one of these at the Synthfest in Seattle today. It’s a really nice surface! Smooth and pleasant to the touch, and surprisingly expressive.

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