8 thoughts on “The Korg MS-20 Mini Oscillators

  1. In life, it is often better not to “believe the hype”. But not in this case.
    The buzz is true, and it is coming from the ms20 mini’s oscillators. O my gourd!

    1. Honestly though, as a pianist, these keys don’t look too bad. Based on scaling compared to the size of Marc’s hands they look completely manageable, especially since it’s a monosynth so you won’t be playing chords. But even if I find that I don’t like the size of the keys it has MIDI-in, so I’ll just plug in my other keyboard and go to town!

    1. I also think the mini keys is the only down side. Especially if you want to solo on stage. Its just a better feel to have bigger keys if you are used to it. Sure you can link up a midi keyboard but you want the ms20 to be an instrument on its own without the need for external enhancements.

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