Akai MPC Fly Now Available, Turns Your iPad Into An MPC


Akai Pro has announced that the MPC Fly 30 – an MPC controller case for the iPad – is now available for 30-pin devices.

The MPC Fly can work as a controller for any Core MIDI application, but is tailored to working with the iMPC app.


  • Compatible with any iPad with 30-pin connector
  • Compatible with virtually any Core MIDI app
  • Works seamlessly with the iMPC app (sold separately)
  • 16 genuine MPC pads, MPC Note Repeat, and MPC Swing
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Charges iPad when plugged into wall power

Here are the details:


  • Pads: 16 velocity sensitive with aftertouch. backlit by velocity
  • UI Buttons: Ideal performance controls available, including:
  • Note Repeat
  • Transport Controls
  • Mute / Solo
  • Track Select
  • Erase
  • Timing Correct
  • Height: 1.2 inches (30.5mm)
  • Width: 9.7 inches (246mm)
  • Depth: 8.0 inches (203mm)
  • Weight: 2.02 pounds (0.92kg)
  • Power: Internal Li-ion battery, 6VDC/3A AC adaptor for charging MPC Fly 30 and iPad


  • 16 velocity sensitive with aftertouch, backlit by velocity

UI Buttons

  • Note Repeat
  • Transport Controls
  • Mute / Solo
  • Track Select
  • Erase
  • Timing Correct


  • Height: 1.2 inches (30.5mm)
  • Width: 9.7 inches (246mm)
  • Depth: 8.0 inches (203mm)
  • Weight: 2.02 pounds (0.92kg)
  • Power: Internal Lithium-Ion battery, 6VDC/3A AC adapter for charging MPC Fly 30 and iPad2

App Specs

  • Sequence four simultaneous tracks
  • Four-track mixer
  • Record and overdub sequences
  • On-the-fly timing correct (1/8 note – 1/32T timing) with variable Swing setting
  • Note Repeat (1/8 note – 1/32T timing)
  • 16 Levels mode: Play one sample at 16 levels of attack, velocity, length, and tuning
  • Note variation slider allows you to manipulate attack, velocity, length, and tuning as you play
  • Erase notes and undo takes
  • Three built-in effects: delay, bit crusher, master compressor/limiter
  • Create and edit your own Programs
  • Built in sound library of samples and drum kits
  • Sample using internal mic or line-in
  • Sample from your iPod library with turntable interface
  • Trim and categorize samples
  • Export to your PC
  • Share on SoundCloud, Facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Supports WIST, Wireless Sync Start protocol from Korg
  • Supports AudioPaste

The MCP Fly 30 is priced at $199.  iMPC is available for $6.99 in the App Store. See the Akai site for more information.

63 thoughts on “Akai MPC Fly Now Available, Turns Your iPad Into An MPC

  1. Wish it coulda had a knob and slider… Anyway, at least add audiobus! But I dont think they ever will, its a retronyms app and I think they want their stuff to only work with tabletop.

      1. Nope. And I also hate these apps because they take up too much space. I would like to delete all the demos and samples and stuff, just use my own. Beatmaker 2 is like that as well.

      1. I really prefer tabletop to audiobus. I like the idea of audiobus but in practice it’s pretty clunky. I find tabletop easier because you can visualize what is going on. It can be glitchy sometimes though.

    1. actually i find it more useful than bunch of apps + audiobus where you need to switch between them all the time…

      1. The hardware aside, first impressions with this app is that I’m going to enjoy it more than my other sampler apps. It’s fun.

    1. 25 ups for a comment so badly written?

      U guys didn’t Used tU be like that, U guys have changed….

      … Unless its the same guy who upped himself 25 times lol?

    1. Except everyone else who will buy it?

      Just because you are not a customer doesn’t mean no one is.

      The right product for the right persons.

  2. Im normally “pro” any new piece of hardware for the Ipad system, even those i wouldnt need myself…but seriously…what the hell IS THIS..

    no Midi ins or outs?

    limited outsiede world audio connectivity…and the price…$200 then a further $350 for an Ipad..then the app…..you might as well just buy the bloody MPC you were trying so bad to emulate??

    MPC has become less of a tool and more of a “brand” something to throw on top of a weak idea to sell more units to kids who want to be producers.

    1. finally a reasonable comment.
      if it had midi i would consider this. as a generic drumpad controller to use with bm2 which seems to be a gap in the market atm.

      and the whole mpc branding is really sad. just try and count all the time “MPC” is used in these blurbs.

    1. At 400$ more than the Fly I can guess the MPC500 is better. But personnally I prefer having 16 pads instead of 12.

  3. Great idea. Poor execution.

    1. The controller looks nice. That’s about it. Probably even works well with the MPC app… BUT probably not as well with your other ios apps.

    2. The MPC app is a soul-less, uninspiring, over-priced, feature-poor piece of crap.

    3. Comparing this controller (paired with the MPC app) to a real MPC is false advertising. I own the app. It doesn’t do much of anything “pro”. The workflow is kind of similar to an MPC, but it’s REALLY limited.

    – no way to edit samples “MPC style”
    – NO chopping
    – 4 tracks only. NOT enough for most of us imho.
    – sample editing (filtering, layering, EQ, etc.), sequencing, program edit, etc. aren’t even remotely close to what I think most of us were expecting.
    – included sound library is a mostly unusable loops and cliched dance sounds. O… and filthy wobbles… I HATE filthy wobbles. lol

    For the price of this thing… ther are MUCH more feature-packed and inspiring apps out there. BEATMAKER 2 does everything you would expect from an MPC… and will work via the camera connection kit with most usb pad controllers. plus it does multi-track audio, has a udiobus, amuch larger sound library, more FX, better sequencing and editing, better mixer, and DAW-style UI.

    I deleted my iMPC app from my ipad because of those reasons..Complete waste of my hard-earned money.

  4. Um, are those specs saying that this is NOT compatible with iPads with a Lightning port? Because if so, they’re leaving out millions of possible customers. Stupid.

    1. Stupid from Apple to decide to change their connector without warning any of their partners.

      The MPC Fly, and many other iPad interfaces, was created before Apple changed their connector, and they had told no one about it before releasing it.

      Why nobody every blames Apple for this? They could’ve told all their hardware making partners so they would’ve been ready for the new connector, but nooooooo.. . Apple prefered to surprise everyone with it.

      1. your understanding of how companies communicate with each other seem to be of a five year old.

        apple is not a partner with akai. get that.

        secondly apple sets it´s standards. they are not obligated to do anything. it´s down to other companies to keep up and design accessories which are adaptable to eventual changes.

        thirdly. there has been months and months the connectors are actually on the market. nukai should have reacted and redesigned the products. unless they are targeting the old users and are planning to update the impc to lightning thus miliking the sales which would be the clever thing to do.

        1. “your understanding of how companies communicate with each other seem to be of a five year old.”

          You say that, yet you are not aware that you have to be an Apple partner if you want to release official Apple sanctionned hardware.

          THAT is funny lol.

          “nukai should have reacted and redesigned the products. unless they are targeting the old users ”

          Unless?… So you really don’t understand that there are still more people who own a 30pin Ipad than a Lightning connector Ipad? Business news : it is not stupid to target an existing market of millions of users. Don’t you know most people don’t have a budget big enough to buy a new ipad every years.

          1. i am not going to discuss semantics with you. give us a source where it says apple and akai are partners.

            also if you quote me use the whole sentence as opposed to making an argument based on a part of it.

            1. Why would I need a source, you should know that you cannot you release officially sanctionned Apple hardware without being a lisenced partner. Its the whole reason behind the proprietary connector, you need approval from Apple.

              1. LOL at everyone who downvoted the truth. Apple decides who to license the Lightning connector, and not the other way around. You guys should read this instead of forging your own point of view.

                “a main benefit of going with a new connector like Lightning is Apple’s ability to charge “big bucks” to license the use of it to accessory and peripheral makers. […] Apple charges from $1 to $2 per device to make stuff compatible with the iPod, iPhone or iPad.”
                “that includes what kind of connectors it does or does not want hooking up to its devices. The licensing model allows that.”

                “A Kickstarter developer claims Apple dropped the hammer on its multi-device charging station because of a new, and so far unannounced, licensing rule for the Apple Lightning connection cable. According to the developer, Apple will not allow Lightning connectors alongside other types of connectors, including its own 30-pin iPod/iPhone connector, in third-party chargers.”

  5. Akai sucks, this thing is dumb. and the worst part is that it looks like a laptop. There hasn’t been 1 good Ipad midi controller or audio interface on the market yet. These companies don’t listen to what real musicians want even if you call them and tell them you have amazing ideas for new products.

    1. most USB audio interfaces and controllers now works with the ipad.

      Are you really saying there is absolutely nothing worth it on the market? Look harder.

      1. There are other compact midi pad controllers on the market that work with the Ipad. I have tried most of them. The problem is that the best, Korg Padkontrol and Quneo, require external powered USB hubs. I wanted something that I could just take out of my bag and begin using while on the go. I didn’t want to have to pull out a bunch of cables and gadgets and/or have to look for an AC outlet (Quneo!) The MPC Fly is the first totally self contained solution. They need to update the software immediately or they will lose a lot of sales. Because of their software development slowness the initial reviews have not been kind. I don’t know what their software engineers were working on for the past 15 months, but the app. that was released prior to the Fly and then updated to work with the Fly is not ready for prime time. What a shame.

      1. a) you have no idea who apple did or did not “tell”.
        b) nukai had ample time to update their designs since the new ipads are out some time.

        the fact they did not is just mindblowingly stupid.
        you put out a product that is obsolete from the get go. fantastic.

        1. a) There were a lot of articles about many companies being angry at Apple for not warning them about changing the connector without warning them (and forcing them to invest millions of dollars to change it at the last minute). If you Google it a bit you will find many articles covering this.
          b) Yes they have ample time to do it, and you seem to be very aware of how much it costs to make such last minute changes on a hardware design. Do you remember when the same thing happened to Akai with the Synthstation?

          “you put out a product that is obsolete from the get go. fantastic.”

          What you mean like the Ipad Mini?

          1. a) again that is not an apple problem. why should they care.
            b) ofcourse it is going to cost, but that is the nature of proprietary technology. goes with the territory and most likely has been predicted by all accessories developers.

            and what the hell has mini anything to do with it? you are trying to put apple and akai into comparision which is baseless. seems like i am defending apple but it´s not. i just find your remarks unlogical.

            1. a) They have invested tons of money to make something compatible with Apple just before Apple changed their standard without telling them. Of course this is not an Apple problem, this is why Apple don’t care.

              b) Then you should understand and not complain why Akai went with the 30 pin connector, much like they did not change the Synthstation when they learned the iphone4 would be different.

              “and what the hell has mini anything to do with it?”

              Because you first said “you put out a product that is obsolete from the get go. fantastic.”, and to me, the ipad mini without retina display and with the same processor as the ipad2 is pretty much an obsolete product from the get go. Everybody know they will release one with retina display and faster processor very soon, but when Apple does it, people don’t complain as much as when other brands (like Akai does it).

              You seem to have forgot that the fly is a 200$ products, and you keep comparing it to a 1000$ MPC, yet I am the one comparing apple and oranges?.. that is funny.

  6. Does this function with the lightening adapter? Also, like everyone says, if it had audiobus it would at least be more functional. For the same money I’m glad I got beatmaker2 and a Quneo. They work great together.

  7. Never will i invest in another product by Akai/Numark after the faulty pads on my mpc1000.
    Also not attracted by Retronyms ‘closed system’ approach.

        1. Well to me the closed approach was stupid from the beginning. The fact that people only complains when other companies than Apple does it is laughable.

          1. read seans comment below. having a closed platform has its benefits.
            (copy protection, standardised platform specs, security etc)

            having an deliberately closed app in order to force users to buy inapp stuff is just a dick move.
            and users comments reflect that.

            you really need to stop comparing apples and whatever fruit might be the discussed atm.

            1. -copy protection : Its funny you say that because IOS has a large piracy rate, every apps are available cracked. (Search for “IOS piracy rate” if you don’t believe me”)

              – standardised platform specs : I thought you were complaining about Akai not using the new standard connector because they are still using the old standard connector. What is the standard here? And why is the iPad1 not considered “standard” anymore?

              -Security : What about all the Apple approved apps who would steal data from your contacts without asking you about it? (Search for “IOS contact steal” if you don’t believe me).

              “having an deliberately closed app in order to force users to buy inapp stuff is just a dick move.”

              Guess who created that system and encouraged developpers to use it?.. yes, its Apple.

              “you really need to stop comparing apples and whatever fruit might be the discussed atm.”

              How is comparing different closed systems to apples and oranges? Aren’t they both closed systems?

      1. You’re comparing a platform to an app…
        Yes iOS is a walled garden, last thing we need is developers like Retronym$ putting in some extra fences.

        1. I am comparing a platform that forces the sandboxing of all apps to a sandboxed apps. Yes I aggree its not exactly the same thing, but the results are the same : all apps are in fences.

          Whether is the developpers choice or Apple requirements doesn’t matter to me because in the end, all apps are sandboxed.

  8. I like NanoStudio – way better than this rubbish (although it is overdue an update – maybe!?) Can’t quite get into beatmaker … I had such high hopes for the Akai MPC but it’s not really usable, even in Tabletop! Nice idea, but actually it’s 98% fail 🙁

  9. Also, if you have the money to spend and want live performance++ I’d go for Push & Ableton! Ok not iPad but way more functionality for a similar amount of cash!

  10. Are u reading these comments wakai? People are laughing at you guys! U have no respect anywhere,go hang yourselves…

  11. Who ever came up with the idea of putting a MPC into a portable light-weight iPad is a genius! So how is it that this device became a pile of junk. The hardware is good, it’s the software that blows. Why Akai didn’t hire a competent programmer to recreate the complete MPC software experience is beyond me.

    This needs Midi in/out, multi-channel sequencer, 2 software faders for FX, high quality 24-bit user-samples, basically a real MPC with it’s world-class interface. Akai needs to apologize to their loyal fans and commit themselves to making this right.

    1. I just can’t believe they didn’t thought of freeing up some screen estate by removing the pads in the software when you are using Fly.

  12. For anyone thinking about getting something along these lines, check out Maschine Mikro. It’s a little more expensive, and isn’t for IOS; but it’s functionally similar and much more powerful.

  13. Errr, why would you do this? Get a real MPC, it comes cheaper than this, and it doesn’t look like a toy. 🙁

  14. *YAWN* All of this hollering is why I have no interest in an iPad. It may be forced on me like a major format change eventually, but my loyalty to iMacs is based on their stability. iPads seem anything BUT so far. Its bad enough to have to play OS Catch-Up every 5 years or so, but with iPads, the cycles is barely over a YEAR! WTFF? I commit too much time, effort and money to music to leap into an arena that has yet to really let its wings dry. I get the feeling it may be a stable platform by v.28.5 or so. Call me!

  15. In what world? The Fly costs 200$, and the cheapest MPC (the MPC 500 with only 12 pads) is 600$, what about the Renaissance at 1300$

  16. Sores what are you talking about, nobody pays those prices for an mpc, quoting catalog and guitar center sticker prices won’t make it true, none of the stores actually charge that much when you go into buy one unless you are a real lollipop and on top of that most people those days buy mpcs used, I’ve purchased 2 mpc 1000s with maxed out ram and internal hard drives installed for $350 each and they were in perfect condition, also got an mpc 500 $200 bucks and an mpc 2500 for $600 the used mpc market is very flexible and has been for quite some time………

    And by the way the impc ipad app sucks very bad, retronyms ought to give everybody a refund for their false advertising!

    1. Well of course second hand MPC’s are cheap, but do you believe that everybody buys their music instruments from the second hand market? Do you really believe that absolutely nobody buys new MPC’s in stores? (or any music instruments for that matter).

      Also most of the models you mentionned are not even available as new anymore, how can you compare them to the price of newer models?

      And yes its true, the iMpc app sucks, I’m not defending it. They didn’t even thought of removing the pads on the ipad screen when you are connecting a Fly controller.. and that little rotary thing to jump into menus, on a touch screen? that is dumb 🙂

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