Production Using Ableton Live 9, Max for Live & Push

This video, via Live masterĀ Tom Cosm, is an exploration of creating a Dub Delay with Ableton Live 9, Max for Live and Push.

No talking, no tutorial, just production!

Here’s what Cosm has to say about the video:

In this video I attempt to make a pretty advanced dub delay – my goal was to use envelope followers to reduce frequencies that got out of control in the feedback loop.

I will release a full explanation video + about 15 more advanced racks next Thursday along with the Megaset 2.0


6 thoughts on “Production Using Ableton Live 9, Max for Live & Push

  1. Finally…

    Finally someone smart enough to show us not merely what Push can do and how it looks, but /also/ what it does within Ableton Live itself.

    Nothing negative towards all the other movies out there, don’t take this the wrong way, but soo many tutorials out there which promise you to “show it all” after which they forget that one tiny yet important detail: showing what Push exactly does and sets up in the liveset itself.

  2. Tom Cosm is one of the best and most generous (in terms of free tutorials) Ableton Instructors out there, hands down, but for whatever reason his music always sucks ass.

    1. …with all due respect……..yeah…I hate to be mean but I totally agree…it’s just so frustrating…I’m looking for inspiration and it’s hard to find on the web….Tom does a great job but….ouch…

  3. This may be a little OT, but I would like to ask:
    Not being an Ableton user, do the people that do, think this is the best combination (so far) of a controller and DAW?

  4. The video itself is very good but I am still left questioning the value of Push. Throughout this entire video a mouse was used. Most of this video is making up racks, mapping parameters and then twiddling automapped knobs. This is something the lowly LPD8 can do.

    1. no, not really
      yes u could play a few drumsounds and mess with a few knobs with it
      but u can’t play chords or melodies like that on it without having to reassign the buttons to the keys
      its very different if your “keyboard” has 8 or 8 x 8 keys to play

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