Record A Song In Two Days

Shaking Through is a documentary series about the Birth of a Song. Each year, the producers give 10 independent musicians a challenge: record a song in two days. First take to final mix. No extensions. No safety net.

This episode features Asthmatic Kitty artist Helado Negro.

via reader Petros Tsampakouris

15 thoughts on “Record A Song In Two Days

  1. I watched this beginning to end. Worth a watch. i was interested the whole way through.
    That said it is time to make some music. farewell..

  2. a prime example of why making music easier to make is not necessarily a good thing. all that equipment and they don’t seem to know how to use any of it, what they do make sounds like crap, makes me want to cry…

    1. Such a shame that you know how to use the equipment so much better and make better music than these professionals. What a travesty that your genius hasn’t been discovered.

      1. you’re so right, i guess having my music in movies, tv and played at the coachella music festival and other festivals around the world for several years now, having music and sound design in several music libraries. having been involved in electronic music for 35+ years… all that makes me incapable of critiquing those “professionals.”
        just because someone doesn’t want to sell records and be a celeb, doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re doing.

  3. 2500 songs and I can’t name one… seriously!

    Is that because he is a ‘ghost writer’, I’m wholly ignorant about music or this music is just not that good or well known?

    Personally I think earl grey is right!

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