Getting Started With Ableton Push

Ableton has released a series of videos, embedded with a playlist above, that introduces the new Push controller and demonstrates how it works with Live.

Topics covered include:

  • Getting started with Push
  • Creating beats with Push
  • Playing chords & melodies
  • Tweaking & mixing
  • Session mode
  • Pad sensitivity

Ableton Push is a new MIDI Controller for Live, with a street price of about $600.

7 thoughts on “Getting Started With Ableton Push

  1. These will come in hand when my Push finally ships in June….or July….or oh nevermind, I’m just going to spend all of my money on a MS-20 mini and some random efx pedals.

  2. Wow good find. Pretty comprehensive. I really want this thing. The only thing it seems to lack is sample editing, which isn’t a big deal.

    1. It’s just a cooling slot. They could hardly fit a CD burner into something only an inch thick with all those encoders right there. This is only a controller, not a computer. It doesn’t produce sound nor does it have audio processing. There is nothing to record.

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