Sonnox Releases AAX Version of Oxford Dynamics

Sonnox_AAX-oxford-dynamicsSonnox has announced the release of the AAX version of its Oxford Dynamics plug-in.

Based on algorithms from the Dynamics section of the OXF-R3 digital mixing console, the AAX DSP and Native versions have six individual sections:

  • Compressor,
  • Expander,
  • Limiter,
  • Gate,
  • Side-chain EQ, and
  • Warmth function.

Both AAX DSP and AAX Native versions can be used as a surround buss compressor/limiter, previously only possible in the TDM version. The Dynamics also benefits from new meters.

To promote the release of the Oxford Dynamics for AAX, Sonnox is offering a 40% discount on the plug-in until March 31st 2013.

Visit Sonnox for more info.

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