Image-Line Introducing FL Studio 11 At Musikmesse 2013

musikmesse-2013-fl-studioImage-Line has announced that it will introduced FL Studio 11 at the upcoming Musikmesse 2013, being held April 10-13, 2013 in Frankfurt.

They plan to show:

  • FL Studio 11
  • Deckadance 2
  • FL Studio Mobile 2.1 (iOS)
  • FL Studio Mobile 1.0 (Android)
  • FL Groove (Windows 8 and iPad)

No release date for FL Studio 11 have been announced at this time.

11 thoughts on “Image-Line Introducing FL Studio 11 At Musikmesse 2013

    1. I think its funny how the guy asking for FL on Macs is getting upvote, while you being excited for FL on Android are getting downvoted.

  1. People still investing in 32 bit programs?

    Will FL Studio 11 be 32 bit, yes.

    64 bit is in forever alpha just like their mac version.

    Seriously, people still buy from Image-Line?

    1. Are you still doing this because you feel you have to now your a troll star, or still butthurt about Image line?

    2. Finally you showed up! We were starting to get worried you would miss another golden opportunity to ventilate and spew your nonsense.

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