FL Studio Mobile For Android Sneak Peak

Here’s a sneak preview of FL Studio Mobile For Android. 

Image-Line plans to show FL Studio Mobile For Android at Musikmesse 2013, which starts April 10th in Frankfurt.

In the video, FL Studio Mobile is demonstrated on a Nexus 7, running Android 4.2.2. Android 2.3 will be the minimum Android version supported.

FL Studio Mobile is expected to be priced under $20.

17 thoughts on “FL Studio Mobile For Android Sneak Peak

  1. Sorry, but music creation is way better on Apple devices.

    Android is just laggy. I see a big audio latency there. It’s a great toy for sure, but not so usable as iPad version.

    1. And? Does that mean everybody should stop even trying to make music apps for Android? Using both IOS and Android products (Ipad at home, S3 in my pocket) I like having access to a few music apps on my phone while on the road.

      I think the latency is not that much of a problem when dealing with drum machines and programmed patterns, but it does get annoying with apps where you actually play an instrument.

      1. The problem with Android as a music platform is that you’ll always run into that brick wall, at some point.

        This move looks like Image Line wants to be ready on Android when Google gets its audio act together.

        1. More like Image-Line wants to make a bunch of cash by selling a flawed product to dumb ass kids but then again that’s always been their business model…

        2. Of course I will hit a wall, much like I have ran into many brick walls on IOS as well during the years, but it hasn’t stopped me from using it. I don’t mind as I don’t expect my Android phone to be able to do everything, just to be able to sketch some stuff without having to carry a second device around which I can then import on my DAW at home, and FL Mobile should be nice for that.

          1. For Android users, any decent music apps will be a welcome improvement. The Android lag issue is a show-stopper for me, though.

            On the iPhone, many of the best music making apps are ones with simple interfaces, tailored for realtime music-making. Apps like iMaschine, Figure, Thumbjam and Loopy work wonderfully in the phone format.

            The Android lag issue, though, makes this entire category of real-time music software a fail on Android devices.

  2. I’m afraid I noticed the latency issue remains.
    This can be seen when he plays drums and then keyboard.
    Still no low latency driver for the sound I/O hardware, at least on the Android platform that has been used.

  3. You can buy a cheap used iPad1 16gb and have FL Studio running smoothly. You can buy the latest expensive Android device and still having latency. That’s a thing

    1. lets count: bitwig, fl mobile for android, leap motion (ok maybe leap not), that modular dj controllers from behringer, sonoma low latency audio drivers for android….so don’t complain. that’s modern hipster business

      1. Don’t forgot Logic Pro X…sure, it’s never been announced so it’s not technically vaporware but every apple forum in the world has a thread with about four years worth of Logic Pro X rumors…

  4. The latency issues of Android notwithstanding, it is good that image line is providing this app for the Android platform. It does seem to be pretty user-friendly. And for things where latency is problematic, the tempo can be slowed down. Just because the platform is “flawed” doesn’t mean developers shouldn’t still try to develop for it. It could be that the latency is baked into that particular cake for as long as it exists. So why not make some apps and sell them to people.

    I’ve had relatively good experiences with ImageLine software (and I’m a mac user!)

  5. Last I heard didn’t image-line create the audio driver? I’m sure this will be fun, the limitation of sync will be maddening, but sampling the BS I make on my phone has definitely added a dimension to my music that wouldn’t have been there had I just syncd my phone to the computer. The granular apps on android have a crusty sound that really makes some great stuff, synthe is simple but I made sample sets with that too….android is fine with me on many levels and its nice that the timbres I can create with it are just down right interesting. I plan on an ipad soon, but I’m sure its limitations will have me making the same BS I already make… I’m homeless and I like idm, its due to size, weight, and reliability I’m choosing an ipad….but if android tablets were solid and cheap I’d be using one instead….damn the sync. Either way, my MacBook and a 40 are my tools. As much hardware as I own, I end up sampling everything anyway.

  6. Anything that is created for people to make music is great news. This is a step in the right direction. Every product has its beginnings, and this is FlStudio Mobile’s entry on Android. So far it looks good, and with time both the app and the os will evolve.
    Still, I’m wondering, will Image-Line also release FLS Mobile for Windows RT (surface) and Windows Phone 8. This could be advantageous for many who own these devices as well. Luckily, Surface Pro owners have Windows 8 Pro which clearly runs Fl Studio. But it would be nice to see the FL as an option on every platform, even on Mac OSX one day.
    Hopefully the next version of FL Studio will include full 10 point touch use for Windows 8.

  7. Wow there’s a ton of people in this room sucking the Apple teat. Apple is terrible over priced garbage only suited for people who can’t use computers. Audio yea Apple does have good audio quality I’ll give it that, but too plain for my tastes. Sorry if to have a Windows PC you have to be able to fully run and replace hardware if needed. Apple’s junk and Android is giving it a run for its money. That’s why they are investing in Android version. Oh and anyone having problems with audio try using a cloud uploader. I use Google Play through my Windows 7 PC upload 20000 songs. Also Amazonmp3 has similar uploader both for free.

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