Free Rave Drum Sample Library

free-rave-drum-sample-libraryXclusive-Audio has released a free drum sample library, Rave Drum Kit.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Need drums to drive the dance floor crazy? The rave drum kit has the sounds you need, that cut threw your mix and deliver sweaty fist pumping beats!

This kit comes with over 150 drum sounds and can be used in your music royalty free.

Here’s an audio demo:

You can download the free drum sample library at the Xclusive-Audio site.

13 thoughts on “Free Rave Drum Sample Library

  1. Making your own drums from scratch is more fun and sounds better.
    It’s like jacking off,you can imagine the most beautiful vagina in the world when you do that.

    1. True, but sometimes another person can show you an even more awesome vagina you could ever fantasize about. Thusly, it’s always worth checking out other vagi…. ok the analogy went for too long. Free samples are always welcome. The Prodigy used samples from other sources and they made fantastic sounds with them. If the samples don’t fit your style and you can’t manipulate them to your liking, you can always delete them.

  2. The prodigy is old and that means that they have wrinkled smelly vag…
    I would like to use some good samples but I noticed that they are not for free,like vag…
    You will always have to pay for good vag…

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