BeatCleaver 1.3.0 Lets You ‘Cut Up Beats Beyond Recognition’


Oscillicious has released BeatCleaver 1.3.0, an update that they promise will let you ‘cut up beats beyond recognition’.

New features include:

  • Time Stretching
  • Drag Export
  • Flac Support

Here are the details:

  • Time Stretching – BeatCleaver now has a time stretching engine so you can warp your samples to match a different tempo or change their pitch. Oscillicious says that it does a great job at preserving transients – the quick onset of musical events.
  • Drag Export – To make the sampling workflow even faster, BeatCleaver now has a new Drag Export mode that allows you to drag slices right out of the application and into a folder, your desktop, or even right into a DAW.
  • FLAC Support – BeatCleaver can now read FLAC audio files for chopping. The FLAC audio file format uses “lossless” compression, meaning it’s a 100% perfect replica (just like WAVE) except that it offers substantially smaller files. Because of these advantages, FLAC has become the format of choice for vinyl rips.
  • On-the-Fly Chopping –  Slice at Cursor button (with “S” as a shortcut key) that allows you to insert slice points during playback directly at the current playback position. In other words, you can chop a sample on-the-fly as it’s playing just by tapping the S key, cutting slices as you go along.

BeatCleaver is available for Mac & Windows for US $29. A demo version is available.


5 thoughts on “BeatCleaver 1.3.0 Lets You ‘Cut Up Beats Beyond Recognition’

  1. And how would that work with IOS? ACP can only copy one part at once, and Audiobus can only transmit one audio signal at once. It would work if IOS had a real file management system and if you could export every slice in a way that would accessible to every apps.

    1. Export All Slices to Documents Folder (iTunes Filesharing)
      If your device is JB, use iFile to move the slices from Documents Folder to desired app.
      If not JB, ACP each slice to desired app or Audioshare

      Been wanting a Good app that specializes in chopping samples for a long time. Give me a Recycle Clone on iOS!

      1. That seems like a lot of work for something that is done in one step on desktops, and also it requires that the app supports Itunes Fileshareing and your device to be jailbroken?.. That is not good.

        I guess it could be done on a non-JB device with Iphone Explorer or Ifunbox,.. but still this is way too complex for what is usually a very simple operation.

        What about the slicing in Beatmaker2?

  2. is this the “best” way to “cut up beats beyond recognition” of “all time” and “forevermore” and is it the “future” of all beat cutting “beyond recognition”?


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