Controlling Ableton Live With Sonic Logic For Mac And Leap Motion Controller

Here’s a sneak preview of Sonic Logic for Mac, being used in combination with Ableton Live and the Leap Motion Controller.¬†

  • The Leap Motion controller is a new USB sensor that’s relatively inexpensive ($80) and that offers 200 times the accuracy of earlier computer motion sensors, detecting the movement of a finger at resolution of up to 1/100th of a millimeter. It’s expected to ship in mid-May.
  • Sonic Logic is a modular MIDI controller that’s currently available for iPad.¬†Sonic Logic lera you map positions and gestures to various MIDI configurations to control your DAW. This video previews an upcoming release for the Mac.

via SonicLogicApp

4 thoughts on “Controlling Ableton Live With Sonic Logic For Mac And Leap Motion Controller

  1. this technology might be good for handless disabled people. for those of us with thumbs and other fingers…maybe a step backwards?

  2. You might be missing the point. Connecting some parameter control to physical gestures is what hardware faders and knobs were designed to do– and they do it well.

    A GUI with pictures of knobs or sliders that you click-and-drag are a step backward.

    Whether you are smudging up a featureless glass screen, or waving your hands around in 3D space, you still don’t have tactile feedback. you have to rely on your eyes and ears to know what you are doing. At least with the Leap Motion, you don’t have to put your hand over your display in order to use it.

    All that said, my Leap Motion is scheduled to arrive in mid-May.

  3. this has happened before — now it is just higer resolution –

    — how many people are really making money – ??
    waving their hands around infront of a screen ?

    – i guess i will pick up a used leap after the hype is over
    i can put it next to my kinect and hot hands and dou and launchpad and ipad1 and kore and…

    or should i…

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