Dualo Intros du-touch ß Keyboard

dualoMusikmesse 2013: Startup instrument maker Dualo is introducing a new musical instrument with a unique keyboard layout, the du-touch ß.

The instrument features dual hexagonal keyboards, designed to more closely reflect the actual relationships between pitches.

According to the dualo principle, the notes of a scale are arranged alternatively on both hands. For example, in, C major, there is a chord of C major on the right hand (C – E – G – B) and a chord of D minor on the left hand (D – F – A – C). In addition, the position of the fingers on the keyboards is always the same even, if you change the tonality of the the chord.

Here’s a video introduction to the Dualo du-touch ß:

The first production series of the du-touch ß is sold out. A second limited series is planned for the first quarter of 2013. Dualo du-touch ß can be obtained through a pre-sale at the price of 1490 Euro. See the site for details.

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5 thoughts on “Dualo Intros du-touch ß Keyboard

  1. I LOVE the ergonomic design!! It looks so friendly to the hands & wrists. The dynamic/velocity control was not clearly evident in the demo. I will cut these players some slack in that I could imagine it would take a while to get the hang of it; still it did not appear to be easy to play expressively (dynamically). I would easily overlook this if it had a Breath Controller input!! I also think it might need some system of “braille-like” features to help a person orient without having to look down. As this evolves, I think it could become a very viable alt-keyboard!!

  2. I’ll bet with those light-up buttons some folks here are dreaming of a “light-up-grid-sequencer” version.

  3. Thursday the 11th of April, we will be at the MusikMesse in Frankfurt. If you are there and want a demo, please send us an email and we will be very happy to let you try it ! contact[at]dualo.org

  4. Hello everyone !
    Just to say that I got my Du-touch. And it’s amazing. I can play my drums, my rythmics and improvise like if I were with my friends. Nothing to configure, to install.
    The special keyboard layout is pretty cool to make chords, make it easy to transpose music.
    Really, really good stuff !

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