7 thoughts on “Everything You Want To Know About Pro Tools 11

  1. Finally they’re catching up to the other DAWs…as the other DAWs leap ahead with the next set of new features.

    What happened to you Pro Tools, you used to be so cool 🙁

  2. i bought protools 10 1 week ago. I’m pretty shitty that I have to shell out yet more money after such a short period of time. I was shocked when I installed 10 and found it wasn’t 64 bit. really they took their time on that considering he prices they charge right up to last week. they really took their time.

    so I pay an upgrade tax for buying it a week earlier than they announced. thank god I’m academic.

  3. I’m baffled. First of all I can’t help wonder why they’re not showing any examples. Sure, they talk about “offline bouncing” and such but they don’t show it in action. Considering that all other DAW manufacturers have started to at least show /something/ when announcing new features it makes the video a bit dull and boring for me.

    And well, I’m baffled to learn that a product which deliberately uses “Pro” in its product name is so limited in certain aspects when compared with the competition. Take offline bouncing; this is something other DAW’s have supported for years now, including Propellerheads Reason (/ Record) which funnily enough didn’t even support audio data -at all- during the lifespan of Pro Tools until around version 10. Ableton Live has supported this feature for nearly three years now.

    Or being able to automate your stuff during recording? Also something which greatly puzzles me, esp. since almost all the major DAW’s have provided this feature for years now.

    Now; its not something I hold against Pro Tools perse, when looking at Reason one could also have argued that it was severely “lacking” in comparison to others. While that might have been true; Reason still excelled at other points and I’m quite sure the same thing can be said about Pro Tools.

    But, as mentioned above; if you’re so sure of your product that you need to name it “Pro” as if it were better (“More professional”) by definition than the rest, then I think its shocking to learn that it has actually been lacking on several commonly used features for such a long time.

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