Musikmesse 2013 Is Coming April 10th – What Gear Do You Want To See Introduced?

musikmesseMusikmesse 2013 – the ‘international fair for musical instruments, sheet music, music production and music business connections’ – is happening this week, April 10-13, in Frankfurt.

There have already been a lot of announcements for electronic music gear being introduced at Musikmesse, including:

And the show hasn’t even started yet – so expect a flurry of gear announcements this week.

With that in mind, what gear would you like to see companies introduce at Musikmesse?

9 thoughts on “Musikmesse 2013 Is Coming April 10th – What Gear Do You Want To See Introduced?

  1. I would like to see a new ELECTRIBE from korg. And I know these next one is a long shot but maybe a new standalone MPC ( I know it will never happen). But you know stranger things have happen.

  2. Simultaneous release of Logic 10 for os x and ios. New mac pros.

    Not going to happen, but hey, it’s a wish list.

    1. These + I wish Nord had a Modular G3 instead.

      Speaking of wish list that I will never buy unless I win the lottery: Buchla news. Specifically :

      – new webiste,
      – EU authorized dealer and service centre.
      – new modules.
      – cheaper prices (yeah right :P)

    1. Or is it Live 9. I made the switch to Live about 2 years ago and have never looked back except for sparing use of Gross Beat.

  3. I’d LOVE a new Kaoss Pad, not a + or an XL etc…the real deal, something with proper midi implimentation that builds on what has been done so far and takes into account what has been achieved on the Ipad and effects units like the Otto Biscuit.

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