Nord Announces Drum 2, Nord Pad At Musikmesse

Nord-Drum-2Nord is announcing several new instruments this week at the Frankfurt Musikmesse (April 10-13th), including the Nord Drum 2 and the Nord Pad.

The Nord Drum 2 is a 6-channel Modeling Percussion Synthesizer.  The Nord Drum 2 sound engine features Resonance modeling, Subtractive and FM-synthesis in addition to a comprehensive Noise section with High-Pass, Low-pass and Band-Pass filters and offers an “extreme” level of control over the dynamic response.

Each of the channels can be roughened up with a sample rate reducing Crush effect or non-linear distortion. The six generic trigger inputs can be used with both electronic drum pads and acoustic trigger mics. Nord Drum 2 can be played with MIDI pads or be controlled from a MIDI sequencer. The MIDI Out lets the Nord Drum 2 double as a Trigger-to-MIDI interface.


Also debuting at Musikmesse this week, the new Nord Pad is a compact, responsive multi-pad that connects easily to the Nord Drum 2 via Ethernet cable. The Nord Pad is available as an optional accessory.

Key features

  • 6-channel drum synthesizer
  • Resonance modeling, Subtractive- and FM-synthesis
  • 6 generic trigger inputs
  • Dedicated Nord Pad input with support for separate Kick trigger/pad.
  • MIDI in/out with CC control
  • Stereo output, with pan control
  • Headphones output

Price and Availability information:

The Nord Drum 2 and Nord Pad are expected to ship in May 2013. The Manufacturers’ Suggested Retail Price for the Nord Drum 2 is 499 Euro ($649 US); the MSRP for the Nord Pad is 259 Euro ($339 US).

11 thoughts on “Nord Announces Drum 2, Nord Pad At Musikmesse

  1. Stereo output is a HUGE improvement over ND1 which only had 1 mono output!

    Also 6 ch is great thing. Four (of ND1) was too limited. Also CC-controllability is great too. It seems to me that Clavia has listened to critics of ND gen.1 and fixed all the major things.

    And about the price of Pad: if it has great response from pp to ff, price is OK. If not, then there’s no reason to put 259€ for it.

  2. they seem to have limited that drum thingie to fit the drummer market only.
    if only a bit more featured the market would be far, far greater. having ipad sequence a little box like this could be really nice. but why when even the old electribes are more interesting for a lesser price.

  3. That Pad is very cool indeed. Thats a great little set up for a live electronic band. 650 for both is fairly pricey, but I suppose its comparable to the Roland pads and lets face it, looks and sounds much cooler. Kraftwerk indeed!

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