Korg KROSS Offers Workstation Keyboard Power, Starting at $700


Musikmesse 2013: Korg has introduced the new KROSS keyboard line – an a ‘affordable’ mobile keyboard workstation with some interesting features, including audio/MIDI recording capabilities, AC or battery operation (6xAA), an Electribe -style sequencer and a wide selection of sounds.

Here are the details.


  • The lightweight body is only 4.3 kg/9.5 lbs (61-key model) or 12.4 kg/27.3 lbs (88-key model), and can be powered by 6x AA batteries
  • Piano, electric piano, and drum sounds that ‘exceed its class’
  • A wide variety of sounds that utilize twice as much PCM memory as previous instruments, and meet the needs of a broad range of musical styles
  • Sound Selector makes it easy to find the sound you’re looking for
  • Favorites function lets you register 64 selected sounds or audio songs for one-touch access – a great feature for live performances
  • ‘Pro-quality’ EDS-i sound engine built-in, with a total of seven effects available for simultaneous use
  • External input jacks allow a mic or external audio source to be directly connected.
  • Quick Layer/Split function for on-the-fly versatility
  • Stereo audio recorder allows you to record and overdub your performances and vocals
  • Step sequencer inherited from the Electribe, a 16-track MIDI sequencer, a drum track, and an arpeggiator
  • Connects to your computer via USB for plug-in integration with your favorite DAW

The Korg Kross keyboard workstation will be available in August 2013 with U.S. Street prices as follows: 61-key: $699 and 88-key: $999.

See the Korg site for details.

38 thoughts on “Korg KROSS Offers Workstation Keyboard Power, Starting at $700

    1. “A 27 pound, 88 key workstation is “mobile” cause it can run on batteries?”

      No, its mobile because even in a good resin-cast flight case, that’s 6 pounds lighter than the 01Wfd I used to haul through airports! For a weighted action, 27 pounds is a sweetheart deal. The 61-key is TOO light for my tastes. I want a little more mass so I don’t feel as if its going to break if I lay into it. Aside from that, it has pretty impressive specs. The added WAV memory over the PS60 is a welcome improvement. Its like a controller that’s able to pass as a junior workstation. Man oh man, look at all the killer $500-700 stocking-stuffer synths that are popping up toDAY!

      1. Even Steve himself was playing the 61-key Kross and along with the stand the thing bounced and shook when he struck the keys. Not exactly pounding notes or chords. I saw it in a Musikmesse 2013 video.

        Nevertheless, it is like a full-house Korg Workstation like the Kronos clad in Samus Aran’s skimpy red bikini! This means if you’re going to jig on the beach in your favorite bathing suit, the 61-key Kross is for you! Only this one has the built-in handle. The Kross 88 doesn’t. Though almost as heavy as the Krome 88, the Kross 88 has an advantage over the Krome, not by the lack of the TouchView screen, but like the 61-key Kross, it too runs on batteries. Any batteries!

    1. The one Korg you could “hail” as king would be the King KORG, the bid dog of virtual analog modelling synthesizers. If you want a KingKORG with an equally kingly 88-key keyboard, you can buy an SV-1, in 73 or 88-key format!

      But if you want to go mobile with either, plus MIDI and step sequencing and mic and external input audio recording, you could go for the Kross!

  1. It is so great to see affordable, quality products being made seemingly in response to the people who use the stuff. Thanks again Korg!

  2. Is this like a Korg microstation but with regular-sized keys?
    Certainly Korg is coming with more affordable but feature-packed products in the major segments: ie.: Affordable analogs with the Volcas, then this digital synth..

  3. This is actually alot of keyboard for that price. I still think the casios look like the more adventurous choice in the price range. A guy could build a crazy setup if he had the new Casio One of these korgs a Djx and an old Roland JX-305 …… You would be the king of one man band cheap arrangers.

  4. This year is proving to be a an exciting year for hardware synths…and about time. It’s great to have so many options for new hardware. This one looks very useful and looks great and much more affordable than the Kronos. Just need roland to pull their ring out and see what excitement they can bring to the battlefield now.

  5. I’m sure the keyboard is great, but that was a wired video. It seems to say, “If you are a young boring person who likes to send texts, then you should carry the Korg Kross around town”.

  6. I think both the casio px5s nad roland vr-09 offer a bit more hands on than this, but at least they are trying to make stuff people want for a variety of styles, the ms 20 and volcs look like fun.

    roland stuff is dull and predictale and safe, the only thing that looks at all sexy is the flashing lights of thier new looper!

  7. What’s the difference between a KROSS and a KING KORG (apart from price). They seem to have similar on-board functionalities.

      1. Sure, I understand the basic differences but on stage, both offer access to piano, organ, synths, etc. What makes one do anything different?

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  9. Unfortunately traded my korg microstation for one of these. The electric pianos aren’t any better and the synth sounds, strings, horns are actually better in the microstation. They both have silly, worthless organ patches (korg has the worst organs) This is really a beginner instrument, sounds are very thin sounding. I also have a korg m50 w/ alot of the same patches but they sound much better on that instrument also. Over all a very thin sounding synth w/ alot of gimmicks. Don’t waste your money!

  10. Does anyone know if the sequences created on the Kross can be imported to Kronos? Looking for something for my daughter to bang on.

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