Detroit Electronic Music Festival Producer Taking On Moogfest 2014


Moog Music has announced a new partnership with Paxahau, producer of Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival, to co-produce Moogfest 2014, scheduled for April 25 – 27, 2014 in Asheville, North Carolina.

“We set out to find a new partner with a real understanding of the dynamic history of electronic music, and that has a deep appreciation for the impact Bob Moog’s inventions have had on musical expression and creation,” explains Moog Music President Mike Adams. “After working with them for three years on their festival in Detroit, we knew Paxahau was the right choice to help us take Moogfest 2014 in the direction we envision.”

“Moogfest is not just about Moog or music, it’s about celebrating the creative, forward-thinking spirit of both Bob and the city of Asheville. We’ll shine a light on inventors, new media artists, circuit benders, programmers, and people with ideas that could change the way we experience music, art and performance,” explains Moog Senior Brand Manager Emmy Parker.

Additional programming will compliment Moogfest’s tradition of leading edge musical performances from a line-up that pays homage to the early pioneers of electronic music, established giants and the artists pushing musical expression forward today.

Past Moogfest performers include Keith Emerson, Orbital, Thomas Dolby, M83, Massive Attack, Tangerine Dream, Amon Tobin, St. Vincent, Richie Hawtin, Squarepusher, Bernie Worrell, Flying Lotus, The Flaming Lips, Terry Riley, Richard Devine, Roedelius, Hot Chip, and many others.

12 thoughts on “Detroit Electronic Music Festival Producer Taking On Moogfest 2014

  1. It seems quite bizzare Moog sells such expensive equipment and then they tag onto Detroit.
    Good luck in Detroit you will need it. Gold plated moogs might not sell well in a city where for the price of a voyager synth you can buy a house.

    1. It’s not coming to Detroit, they’re referring in the article to being a sponsor at DEMF (or now known as Movement Detroit) the past few years with Amos and every Moog product to check out. There are plenty of people around here that have $8000+ synth studios and it’s the birthplace of techno with the festival which is one of the top dance fests in the world.

    2. The festival is not in the D. It will ne sponsored by Paxahau. Do you live in Detroit? Most of my peeps in Detroit have killer Moogs and fab analogue synths. Also if you can find me a house in Detroit for the price of a Voyager please do. I live in the city and even though it has its issues I cannot find a house for the price of a synth..

      1. I keep getting censored on here.I have replied to back up my claim. A voyager rack will get you 4 houses.
        I hope this gets through?

        1. Yeah maybe get you 3 houses in one of those city auctions, falling a part, in the ghetto dope dealing neighborhoods, where every other house has been torched… If you wanted some abandoned place to sell crack out of for a few months.

  2. I just hope the schedule is a little more spread-out, with more days and fewer artists overlapping. I know that last year’s Moogfest was a NIGHTMARE if you had multiple artists you wanted to see…particularly across genres. You had to pick and choose wisely or find yourself missing things as you madly dashed across town. I finally gave up and sat and watched everything after Thomas Dolby on Saturday night. I wasn’t disappointed, but there were artists I would certainly have liked to have seen. I just got tired of walking and driving. It was just too much to cram into two long evenings.

  3. Technically, Brumit paid $95 for the land and $5 for the house on Lawley Street – which fitted what estate agents euphemistically call an opportunity.
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    But if you’re looking for an unconventional Christmas present that’s pretty cheap too, forget eBay, go to Detroit. We compiled a list of homes in Detroit that can be yours for $500 (no, we’re not missing any zeros) or less.
    Music is made in economic/socio/politico contexts.
    look at soul, funk, techno.

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  4. But if you’re looking for an unconventional Christmas present that’s pretty cheap too, forget eBay, go to Detroit. We compiled a list of homes in Detroit that can be yours for $500 (no, we’re not missing any zeros) or less.
    Business adviser.
    Look online as plane as day this lists some of them. One voyager might get you four homes.

    1. Why are you so bent on Moog choosing a Detroit based promotional company to do a festival that isn’t even in Detroit???

      Are you a promoter yourself? Do you think you could pull it off better than who Moog has chosen?

      I would bet you have never even been to Detroit.

      Would you rather Moog chose a festival producer outfit from a wealthier city???

  5. There was a time when you could buy a house for a dollar in Detroit, but you would owe the back taxes that came with. And now, maybe you can get a house for a song but it is Deep in the hood. I would buy the synth instead. Talking shit about Detroit is getting old, come and stay awhile and then say what you want. You know, there are still white people that live 20 minutes away from Detroit that won’t go near the city for fear of their lives? Then you got the kids coming in from all over the world to be a part of something special. There is more creative force and talent here than I’ve seen in a long time and it gets deeper daily. As for Paxahau, I have known those guys for years and they run a tight ship, they won’t disappoint.

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