Nord Drum 2 At Messe 2013

Musikmesse 2013: Here’s another look at the new Nord Drum 2 drum synthesizer, via sonicstate.

The Nord Drum 2 is a 6-channel Modeling Percussion Synthesizer.  The Nord Drum 2 sound engine features Resonance modeling, Subtractive and FM-synthesis in addition to a comprehensive Noise section with High-Pass, Low-pass and Band-Pass filters and offers an ‘extreme’ level of control over the dynamic response.

Key features

  • 6-channel drum synthesizer
  • Resonance modeling, Subtractive- and FM-synthesis
  • 6 generic trigger inputs
  • Dedicated Nord Pad input with support for separate Kick trigger/pad.
  • MIDI in/out with CC control
  • Stereo output, with pan control
  • Headphones output

Price and Availability information:

The Nord Drum 2 and Nord Pad are expected to ship in May 2013. The Manufacturers’ Suggested Retail Price for the Nord Drum 2 is 499 Euro ($649 US); the MSRP for the Nord Pad is 259 Euro ($339 US).

6 thoughts on “Nord Drum 2 At Messe 2013

  1. Its very cool, but the new Volca Beats cab be triggered via midi, so it could easily be played via midi pads in a live situation for less than a third of the cost.

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