Pi L Squared Synth – No Other Synth ‘Has More Aliasing & Quantization Noise’


At Musikmesse 2013, Ploytec introduced the Pi L Squared synth – a cheap, tiny MIDI powered synth.

According to the company, ‘no other synth on the market has more aliasing and quantization noise!” 

Here’s a video overview, via sonicstate:


  • Duophonic
  • MIDI powered
  • Analog square wave oscillators
  • Digital & analog filter

The Pi L Squared is expected to ship later this year and to be priced between 64-99 Euro.

21 thoughts on “Pi L Squared Synth – No Other Synth ‘Has More Aliasing & Quantization Noise’

  1. this thing actually gets real mean and harsh, perfect for hardcore gabber industrial type sounds maybe, i’m impressed with this tiny synth!

  2. That’s cool – I’ll probably end up with one eventually. It has a funky lo-fi character to it that could be a lot of fun.

  3. if they get the price down to -$50
    i can see a really big market for units like this
    midi filter , bass, drum , fx ….

    – the day of the big synth is gone –
    now it is all modular and the new analog

  4. Its always these companies that I find the most interesting at shows.

    The real innovators who are chipping away at seemingly crazy ideas, I LOVE these kind of things…i have a draw full, to me they help me NOT sound like the next guy.

  5. I wonder how this stacks up to the meblip? It’ll be interesting to see the list of controllable parameters.

  6. As low as 64€!?!?!?!?!!?

    Start making polysynth immediately. Even if they doubled everything, put step sequencer and 5 of those duo phonic instances, it might be as low as 650€.

  7. On one hand: it’s tiny, self-contained, MIDI-powered (!) and pretty specialized. I think this is a clever concept that appeals to those who like an unusual tiny spy-synth.

    I think if they would have developed this as a DIY project (with a bigger form factor for easier soldering, they might have made a big splash with that crowd. Though there might be some tricky aspects to the build.

    Anyway, it’s a cool thing. I’d probably lean toward some Mutable Instruments rig if I were to indulge the “little cool fun box”.

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