SunVox Modular Synthesizer Update Adds AudioBus, JACK & Virtual MIDI


Developer Alexander Zolotov has released a big update to SunVox, a modular synthesizer he calls “the Most Powerful music creation tool for iOS.”

The update adds Virtual MIDI, AudioBus, Jack and more. 

Here’s what’s new in Sunvox 1.7.3:

  • added Virtual MIDI Port;
  • support of Audiobus;
  • support of JACK Audio Connection Kit for iOS;
  • support of 4-Inch display;
  • improved Compressor algorithm;a
  • default base note for WAV/AIFF samples is C5;
  • SunVox file is now includes additional information: timeline cursor position, current module, current pattern;
  • sound engine optimization;
  • added options for the MultiSynth: Use static note C5 (treat all received notes as C5); Ignore notes with zero velocity;
  • new Pattern Editor function – Slice by cursor;
  • added MIDI import; now you can load any MIDI files directly through the Load Song dialog;
  • added support of the following MIDI commands: Start, Continue, Stop;
  • number of MetaModule User Defined Controllers can be changed from 0 to 13;
  • added MIDI Omni Mode (all MIDI channels will be accepted);
  • new option in the Preferences->Interface: Show virtual keyboard; use it to show or hide virtual qwerty keyboard;
  • scrolling when highlighting in the Sample Editor;
  • per-pattern Mute/Solo (Timeline menu -> Toggle mute / Toggle solo);
  • Vorbis Player is now supports the sample offset commands (09 and 07);
  • added ability to create a new pattern by double clicking on an empty area of the Timeline;
  • new Timeline function – Slice Pattern(s) (knife position = current playing position);
  • new std. pattern effect 23 – set controller value to the random number with range from XX (00..FF) to YY (00..FF);
  • new std. pattern effect 1F – set BPM;
  • new songs: Manwe – Early Fall remake (original by Tangrine), kostya_m – Midnight, take_my_hand, follow_the_sun;
  • new simple examples: metamodule_test, metamodule_with_automation, random_ctl_values_with_range, trance, compressor2;
  • new instrument (pads): moving_pad, vocal_synth, filter_slide_up, analog, analog2, analog3, analog_distorted, space, violin, violin2, violin3, violin4;
  • new instrument (keyboard): analog10, fm2, bell2;
  • bugs fixed.

SunVox is available for US $5.99 in the App Store.

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6 thoughts on “SunVox Modular Synthesizer Update Adds AudioBus, JACK & Virtual MIDI

  1. This is one of the most fascinating apps for iPad. I’ve used it on a smaller (and older) Android device- where it works fine, but is harder to use because of the small screen. It’s still a little over my head to use it, but I just haven’t invested enough time to master it yet. If you haven’t checked it out, you really should.

    The fact that Audiobus and Jack are both included in this release show that this developer is really on top of it.

  2. I’ve been using sunVox for the N900 for quite a while, this program is awesome. So much depth to it, no nonsense, once you figure it out it’s a joy to use. If I ever get an iPad it’ll be the first thing on it.

  3. It is one of the most powerful apps for music making on iOS – there’s an awful lot to this ‘lightweight’ but heavy punching DAW!

    Admittedly the interface is a little strange at first, but if you _read the documentation_ and start pressing things and moving the panels about with the demo songs included, it should become clear pretty quickly!

    Highly recommended!

  4. It definitely runs like a dream on Ipad, and Zolotov is one of the most dedicated and creative developers out there. The sounds people get out of this program are dauntingly diverse.

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