Free Live Pack, Mellotronica


Whitebox Synth Makers has released a free instrument for Live + Max For Live. Here’s what they have to say about it:

WHITEBOX Mellotronica PACK. Simpler is loaded with Ableton’s Limette sample then given an unpredictable Filter frequency, Spread, Glide Time, Filter Resonance and Loop Start with Max’s Device Randomiser. Further processed with Beat Repeat (requires transport ON) and Simple Delay this is an intriguing if rather demanding sound creator. Drop ANY sample into it, of course. M4L required.

Here’s an audio preview of the Mellotronica pack:

Download at the Whitebox Synthesizers site.

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13 thoughts on “Free Live Pack, Mellotronica

  1. Here’s the obvious question: Why is it called Mellotronica when there’s no Mellotron in evidence? That seems a bit DUH.

    1. The google obvious answer is that a mellotron was a tape manipulation instrument with some random character, and the adjustables and randomizers on this instrument are designed to work *like* that.

      “The unique sound of the Mellotron is produced by a combination of characteristics. Among these are tape replay artifacts such as wow and flutter, the result being that each time a note is played, it is slightly different from the previous time it was played”

      1. Ah, I see. The Limette sample is the core for the starting point. Its a bit misleading to use “Mellotron” as that kind of hook, but okay. If you are a Live user who loves to chop and rotate the goods, yes, anything is fair game. I just wonder why anyone would want to seriously distort a ‘tron when its real charm lies in its inherent distortions and more focused real-time playing. Not to diss the app, either, because if you really master it, its a real library builder. I do the same in Logic, so its an honest “secret weapon,” regardless of the DAW. I just think the Mellotron is too far from this one’s real intent to be the right starting sample.

    1. >>> “What a bunch of utter crap, i want to die when I hear such shit, I really do.”

      Then you’d better get offline in a hurry and never watch C-SPAN or you’ll be dead in a week.

  2. An intriguing thread above: I seemed to have opened a tiny can of worms in naming this device as randomly as the sounds it makes. I haven’t said anywhere that it has anything to do with a mellotron.

    Or a melon, for all that matters.

    Despite Fungo’s misgivings I am pleased he says “Not to diss the app, either, because if you really master it, its a real library builder.”

    I named an earlier device Baconfist ( so I wonder what complaints this may provoke as it doesn’t smell like bacon and can’t make a decent fist either.

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