14 thoughts on “Korg MS-20 Mini Video Song

  1. I think the track will help sell this synth.It sounds really good and the track shows the scope of the synth.Well done.

  2. These are the first sounds ive heard with some nice poly feeling pads
    yes i know its mono but the part where it first split to four cameras make me think of some standard poly synth chords nice warm and wow as this keeps going on it makes me question if my next purchase will be a mini brute or this

  3. I really enjoyed the poly sound most of all, leads were ok, doesn’t sound at all good for BASS, but one synth can’t do it all, still not convinced a Subphatty will be more exciting and i can’t afford both!!

    1. Believe me it can do bass, just listen to Mr Oizo’s Flat Beat, it was fat enough for Flat Eric it’s fat enough for me 🙂

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