Kraftwerk’s The Model (Live Cover)

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a live cover of Kraftwerk’s The Model (Das Model), via starshipfive.

Technical details below. 

Sequenced parts sequenced on Cubase 5 then audio mixdown passed to Roland SP-404

Main sounds played:

Sampled parts: Initial intro part using free samples to recreate an ambience
Brass lead: Yamaha AN1x
Lead: Roland V-Synth V2
Strings: Akai Miniak
Lead vocal + keyboard played part: Shure Mic, Kurzweil PC3 triggering Korg Microkorg vocoder

11 thoughts on “Kraftwerk’s The Model (Live Cover)

  1. you real bad kid, terrible tone, wrong chords, microkorg… those are hardly a man’s synth AND to top it all off, bad sequencing on cubase with bad samples. Live performance? get real kid.

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