2 thoughts on “Sky White Tiger – Common

  1. I hope this kind of demo will find a better audience than myself since I found it quite boring and very far from the kind of music that makes me jump off the ground out of pure joy! 😉
    So much more emotion in Leon Theremin’s video imho…

    I’d love to hear about people that loved this performance to help me make myself a better opinion of this presentation thou…

  2. I found this song (and performance) to be flat, drab, and a poor demonstration of the MiniNova. I can’t make out what this cat is doing, but the knobtweaks don’t seem to apply to what you’re hearing, which is a multritrack recording feature drums from some other source.

    A not-so-savvy person would get the message that the music is coming out of the Mini.

    The MiniNova is best understood as a Swiss army knife synth you can program via the editor, and save your patches for live use. The most important functions can be assigned to the knobs and animate buttons, which makes it kind of like a custom/customizable controller for a very nice synth engine.

    It is not possible to run a gig off one, as the thing is monotimbral. It is an instrument, not a “platform.” Yet all the MiniNova videos show a one-man-band approach. Even the VocalTune demo from last year shows a polyphonic performance – not possible live without a prerecroded multritrack backing. It’s strangely misleading to the beginner market, which this thing seems aimed at with the MicroKorg style desing, genre knob, dubstep presets, and low price point.

    The marketing for the MiniNova macrches on, yet six months after it was released the firmware is still a work-in progress with broken features being fixed, but other features breaking. You’ll hear none of that in the reviews and demos.

    The MiniNova has a very nice sound engine and represents a lot of value for cost. It’s a handsome little devil. But this song is not a crowdpleaser and neither is the baffling OS firmware delay.

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