5 thoughts on “System 1000M Modular For Kontakt Review

  1. sounds very nice. i´d like a more indepth review on the parameters and how much they allow to sculpt the sounds…but totally nice timbres. alot of boards of canada sounds.

  2. I’d be curious how this compares to all the other millions of virtual analog synths. I have a few modeled-type synths in my plugin list, but I don’t think any of them are based on high-dollar analog samples with Kontakt filters & processing.

    Is £15 equal to about $25?

    I’m also curious how much it allows for external parameter control.

  3. It sounds fantastic! Have been enjoying the sounds very much and the UI is beautiful. Excellent quality! Even with the crap exchange rate this synth is an excellent deal. The 2 developers deserve a lot of respect and business as their attention to detail is evident. I thank them for also being conscientious about the pricing. I will definitely be buying from them again.

  4. Sounds really great, but kills the cpu my 2008 2.4 macbook. I’m sure it’s fine on newer models. Too bad it’s got some great sounds

  5. Just curious, do you have to drop $400.00 to get Kontakt in order to use this synth?
    or is Kontakt player enough?

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