New Modular Video Game Synthesizer, The Ming Mecca


Special Stage Systems has introduced Ming Mecca, a new Eurorack modular system described as a ‘voltage-controlled videogame console’.

Here’s what they have to say about the new Euro video synthesizer:

With the heart of a video synthesizer and the brain of a videogame console, Ming Mecca is the first of its kind: an ontological toy, a videogame easel, and a love letter to all things retrofuture. Designed for use in Eurorack format synthesizers but built to meet the demands of even the most seasoned micro-galactic interlopers, Ming Mecca modules will take your rig where no rig has gone before.

Here’s the official video intro:

Ming Mecca brings voltage control to a comprehensive set of classic videogame design parameters, from details like object location and animation, to big-picture elements like game rules and level geography.

The Ming Mecca system lets you turn off gravity at the flick of a switch, or scroll through seasons at the turn of a knob. Or you can populate your world with exotic creatures, then modulate their identities with random voltage.

Two Ming Mecca systems are planned, the World Core and Control Core:

Control Core Video Overview:

World Core Video Overview:

Ming Mecca is estimated to ship during the summer of 2014.Estimated pricing (subject to change depending on volume and cost of production):

  • World Core at $999
  • Control Core at $349
  • Kits TBD

See the SSS site for more info.

9 thoughts on “New Modular Video Game Synthesizer, The Ming Mecca

  1. You can tell he had a brother… he entered the 2-Player Konami Code (Select-Start).

    The controller bit looks like a lot of fun. I’m not sold on the main video synthesis core though. It looks like a great implementation, and some of the most compelling/practical video synthesis I’ve seen to date… but it still looks like it would only serve to distract me from actually making music.

  2. Finally I can enter a level cheat code and skip to the completed track stage, no need to going through all the actual music making levels.

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