The Korg 770 Analog Synthesizer 1976

Saturday Synth Porn: This video, via AnalogAudio1, takes a look at the Korg 770 analog synthesizer, a vintage synth from 1976.

Technical details below:

The Korg 770 is a great little monophonic synth from 1976. It has 2 Oscillators, 2 Filters, Ringmod, White & Pink Noise, Scale Noise, 2 LFOs and external signal input.

Korg 770 along with a Lexicon MPX 500 for reverbs and a Roland DEP-5 for delays.

“The sound is surprisingly different to a Minikorg 700S or Korg 800DV,” they note.

If you’ve played the Korg 770, leave a comment with your thoughts!

9 thoughts on “The Korg 770 Analog Synthesizer 1976

  1. What a magnificent sound. I would love to see Korg rereleasing these kind of «old» machines. Sound awesome.

  2. One of the first analogs I played with over 30 years’s limited, but it has a really unique character and some great sounds. I’ve always wanted to get one but the last time it was in Craigslist locally it was $1800…

  3. nice synth i had one in the 90’s – …the 90’s … -everything sounds better with RAT distortion

    also sounds really nice thru the FX of the KORG WAVESTATION A/D
    the ghost hands are FREAKING ME OUT !!!

  4. Nice demo – amazing what you can get out of a good monosynth + delay + reverb.
    Nice basic sawtooth sound, high-pass filter, and arpeggiator too.

  5. The sounds aren’t that different than the Korg 800DV, the controls and sequencing sounds VERY different however. While some controls from the Korg 800DV might be missed, the additional abilities would keep me happy for a long time… I guess I had better start looking for one to play with my Univox MaxiKorg K3 (Korg 800DV).

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